Sunday, October 13, 2013

ruck n' wiz - years too late remix ep (12")

another gemm i missed during the last few weeks: ruck n' wiz - years too late remix ep.

in case you missed it too- bienne based combo ruck n' wiz released an ep containing 6 very dope remixes.

1. Bee Why - The Boros
2. AK Skills - East Ta West
3. McGruff - Harlem Kids Get Biz
4. Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums
5. 1st Down - Front Street
6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Basement
7. Ruck N' Wiz - Outro

LIMITED TO 300 Copies! order your copies here:

my personal fav's are ten thieves - straight from the slums and 1st down - front street. 

congrats to ruck n' wiz for another swiss sureshot. keep 'em coming!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

deviants of modern society 2LP

second release is the return of d.o.m.s. aka deviants of modern society!

still one of switzerlands most outstanding independent rap groups, d.o.m.s. return with their 2lp pre-order on sergent records. zaid, rawger faderah & mpa drums come correct. lyrics are on point, production is tight, and the beats amazing. and hey, if you don't speak swiss german, there is ran reed on there too. on top, you'll get all instrumentals as well!

make sure to peep the snippets:

excellent release my friends. keep up the good work! 


gee rock & da cnd coalition - strait outta jerzee

two releases i want to emphasize this weekend.

first is by a new label in town. heavy jewelz records - founded by verge, pg023 & patrock.

like 'em now!

their debut release is gee rock - straight outta jersey

"We are specialized in pressing up mainly demos, lost or unreleased hip hop music from the 90s era on wax. But there will be also some 80s material and Cassette and CD releases in the future. We just got our first release out, we pressed the first album from Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition titled "Strait Outta Jerzee" on wax." - patrock

"20 years ago, in 1993, Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition released they're lone LP on a wildly limited number of cassettes which have rarely, if ever, been seen. Now Heavy Jewelz brings it back to Brick City NJ with this 12 track fast moving funky LP on vinyl for the first time, never to be repressed.

Limited to only 300 copies.

The masters have been lost forever so we had to source straight from cassette. Accordingly we're letting these copies go for a nice price.

Peep the snippets first to be sure you're gonna be satisfied with the audio quality:

Here's the bigcartel storefront for it:

and the bandcamp page for it:

we sold out quick with the caramel colored copies and as i type there's only 1 Test Press bundle left, but there's still a few double packs available where you can get one 150 Gram black copy and one 140 Caramel colored copy for $45. We also have some single 150 Gram black vinyl copies left.

Thanks Al! again, its cool if you can't or can, either way.
peace" - verge

get your copies now folks. this label will drop more heat soon!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

omniscence - sharp objects ep + instrumental ep + cassette

just in case you slept on this heavy release. gentleman's relief records presents an omniscence triple combo you can not neglect.

"I'm excited to announce the release of the new EP from North Carolina's Omniscence!  I'm sure you are all familiar with Omniscence from his 90's releases such as the Funky One Liner EP, the singles 'Touch Y'all' and 'Amazin', and his long-unreleased album 'The Raw Factor' which is finally seeing the light of day thanks to Dope Folks.  This new EP release picks up from the 'Raw Factor 2.0' 7" single that I produced and released last year with Omni. There are a couple of versions of the record available including, different colours of vinyl, a limited edition instrumental record and an even more limited gold cassette. Everything is pressed and in stock, and will ship to you from the US.

Sharp Objects features 10 vocal tracks (including several remixes) of new Omniscence material and is produced and mixed by me.  This release comes in a picture cover and is limited to 300 copies – 150 on clear purple vinyl and 150 on blue swirl vinyl.  The price is $24 for 1 copy or $44 for doubles (one copy of each colour.)  Listen to the snippets below...

Several people have asked me about doing instrumental versions of my releases so I decided to do a super limited instrumental version of this one.  Featuring 14 abridged instrumentals (including instrumentals from the Raw Factor 2.0 single) plus 2 bonus remixes that we couldn't fit on the main record, this release is limited to 150 copies on black vinyl.  It comes in a picture cover (same cover design as the vocal EP).  The price is $24.  

The tape version of Sharp Objects features all 12 vocal tracks from the 2 vinyl records and 12 unabridged instrumentals.  90 minutes of flavour on a gold cassette.  The tapes are limited to 50 copies and are $15." - Debonair P

get 'em now! heavy release!


Monday, May 20, 2013

[remixes] dj iron - classic recipes vol.1

what's up!

great little nugget from belgium. 15 amazing remixes of classic material. read on, it might get the wax treatment!

"released 15 May 2013
All remixes made between 2005-2013.
Compiled by Dj Iron @ Earquake Studios
Additional instruments by Thomas DC.
Mastered by Tradd
Artwork by Yassine El Bouazzaoui.

Classic Recipes Vol.1 is a free album offered to you at no charge. If you would like to make a donation in the form of a purchase, feel free to do so as the funds will enable us to continue making and releasing new quality music.

To all Dj's & vinylheads , we will press up a few promo copy's on wax (2XLP) as well , contact me at if you'd like to get one. First come first served ! "

i'm bumpin' biz markie right now! props to dj iron for this project!


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

ebay sales

i have a few things on the bay

Friday, February 01, 2013

la base x tru comers - connexion

the rebirth of a blog.

the tru comers, one of switzerlands finest beatmakers, are back with a huge record release. this time they teamed up with rap group la base, from the french part of switzerland. this is the bomb guys. ya'll better learn french soon.

«Whats up Y’all! 
We’re back again with a new release. This time in collabo with our Homies La  Base outta BNC !
We made the beats, they kicked the rhymes.
This the first release as a team since we connected , obviously this why we call it „Connexion“.
Check it out, cop the vinyl, spread the word, pump it in your system and watch out as we hit u with more shit in the near future.
Thanks for the support and Enjoy


Limited to 400 Copies (Every single Record comes with a CD)
Price : $16 / 15CHF
Ordering : 
comin tru:

once again mad props to the tru comers and one love to la base!
i hope this will sell out instantly!


Monday, September 17, 2012

da shogunz release

i'm officially late with this one!

beatmaker kick back finally on wax- check this in case you missed to preorder:

"Da Shogunz

- BlabberMouf (emcee)
- Corown Da Sensei (emcee)
- Propo'88 (producer, engineer, vinyl DJ)
- Truffel The Phunky Phaqir (producer, vinyl DJ)
- Realize (producer, vinyl DJ)
- Kick Back (producer)

Blunted Astronaut Records & DSC present:

Propo'88 & Kick Back, talented beatsmiths from the production team of Da Shogunz.
Propo & Kick Back grew up listening to underground Hip-Hop. As they got older, they started to get influenced by the culture as a whole and began creating music themselves, currently for Da Shogunz.

Da Shogunz are a European Hip-Hop crew based in the Netherlands.

At present, the crew includes: 2 MC's (BlabberMouf and Corown Da Sensei aka CDS) and 4 producers (Propo'88, Truffel The Phunky Phaqir, DJ Realize and Kick Back, who moved from Canada to Holland to become part of the group).

Da Shogunz, along with Het Verzet are the elite of underground Hip-Hop movement in Holland. With each member of the group contributing their unique style, together they form a strong foundation for boom-bap's inevitable revival.

This 12” record is comprised of instrumentals and vocal tracks created in traditional ways of Hip-Hop production, reminiscent of the times when the culture thrived.

It features MC's the duo has worked with in and outside of Da Shogunz. The vocal section is blessed by BlabberMouf, EllMatic & RawBerry from Holland, Simple One & Mr.Nylson from Germany, K Banger from the US, and Self from Canada. On the B-side there are six exclusive instrumental head-nodders.

In a time where mediocrity and corporate interference overflow the music industry, one should admire Propo's and Kick Back's dedication to being true to the culture, and to listeners worldwide.
It's the finest of cosmic boom-bap...


Side One:

1. Propo'88 & BlabberMouf - Put 'Em Up
Produced by: Propo'88
Written by: BlabberMouf
Cuts by: Propo'88

2. Kick Back - Keep It Live feat. Simple One & Mr.Nylson
Produced by: Kick Back
Written by: Simple One
Cuts by: Mr.Nylson

3. Propo'88 - That's How The Game Go feat. Self
Produced by: Propo'88
Written by: Self
Cuts by: Propo'88

4. Kick Back - When Night Falls feat. EllMatic & RawBerry
Produced by: Kick Back
Written by: EllMatic & RawBerry
Cuts by: Propo'88

5. Propo'88 - Free Verse feat. Self
Produced by: Propo'88
Written by: Self
Cuts by: Propo'88

6. Kick Back - Ode To New York feat. K Banger
Produced by: Kick Back
Written by: K Banger
Cuts by: Propo'88

Side Two:

1. Kick Back - Cosmic Dust
Produced by: Kick Back

2. Propo'88 - Express
Produced by: Propo'88
Cuts by: Propo'88

3. Kick Back - Funky Gypsy
Produced by: Kick Back

4. Propo'88 - Minor Trip
Produced by: Propo'88

5. Kick Back - Bugged Out
Produced by: Kick Back
Cuts by: Propo'88

6. Propo'88 - Crunch Time
Produced by: Propo'88
500 copies pressed on black vinyl (400 for sale).
Photography by: Zsuzsi van Dijk.
Artwork by Mr.Krum.

SHIPPING DATE: 22.10.2012

this record is presented by Blunted Astronaut & Da Shogunz. but there
are features from "out of crew" emcees, so its not an album, basically
we just like to call it a 12". " - kickback

get your copies here:

props to the whole crew and to the uprising and dope blunted astronaut records label!