Thursday, October 27, 2005

Da Grassroots

"Keep The Art Divine"

Back in the days, this was one of my most wanted records...and thanks to the internet i was able to track down some copies after a few years. I'm talking about the first 12" by the canadian group Da Grassroots. Straight outta T-dot this was released in 1995 and blessed us with two huge tracks. On side one you'll find "Drama" and the track on the flip is called "Living Underwater". Both cuts have a mellow vibe and perfectly fit the daily morning bus/train/subway ride. My personal favorite is Drama...listening to it makes me feel as if i was living underwater...hmmm...

anyway, both Tracks are only available on this 12" on wax. There's an announcement on the label which says "
from the forthcoming Grass Roots EP"- but that never got released. The two joints also have been put on the full length CD ["Passage Through Time" / 1999 ] as bonus tracks. But not on the LP. I think the 12" even got booted in japan about 2 years ago, so watch out.

This record will always be in my mind and i'm always pleased when a copy turns up somewhere.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Officially Rare

Today we have an early Official Recordings twelve

"Official Recordings is owned and operated by Company Flow forever"

On the ny based Official Recordings label [founded by El-P & Big Juss in '94] i present you a record not everybody knows of. The group goes by the name of Dominant Species and only had this one release as far as i know...You'll find two tracks on this record. "Pain To The Brain" produced by B-Wiz and "Dammit" produced by El-P (co-produced by DJ Mr. Len). Looking at the rhyme style- both tracks are nothing too special in my opinion...i like the beats best to be honest.

You see, a record hasn't to be automaticly dope just because of its rareness. But still, it's an obscure piece of wax with qualities and for sure a 12" for collectors out there.

It was released in 1995 and comes with Sticker Cover

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I was just listening to...

Tragedy- The Judas Theory

A track with some background:

Theory #1: Tragedy released that record due to his beef with nore after the succesful cnn lp "the war report".

Theory #2: Tragedy was still cool with nore at that time...The Judas Theory was directed towards the man who snitched on capone (you can see his picture faded out with the words "traitor" on the war report inlay). [see 3rd picture]

Anyway, a dope track in my opinion..year must be around ' production credits..but at the end of the track Trag shouts: "...stretch put it on..."- i guess stretch could be the producer then.

"...fake thug like Sammy the Bull turned snitch..."

Friday, October 21, 2005

Coming Soon


Finest selection of indies from around 94-99.