Wednesday, June 09, 2010

[remixes] tru comers pt.II / switzerland

what's up y'all!

It has been quite for some time i know, but here i come with some freshness!

remember the tru comers from switzerland with their remix ep last year?! i sure do, cause i play the dysfunkshunal familee remix every 2nd day! 

anyway, here we go again with their second release. this time you'll get 7! remixes on wax, which is limited to 100 copies! unfortunately, no instrumentals on the ep this time. the beauty of this release– it only costs $13! so come on and order your copies. you'll find the ordering info at the bottom of this post.


1. concrete mob - boiling point (tru comers remix)
2. lord finesse - soul plan (tru comers remix)
3. ill biskits - god bless your life (tru comers remix)
4 chosen few - raw beauty (tru comers remix)
5. dutchmin - surrounded (tru comers remix)
6. us plus one - murder me (tru comers remix)
7. double l - peeps in da ground (tru comers remix)

great project once again! my favorites are lord finesse, us plus one and double l. one love to the tru comers- i can't wait for part 3.



order via

1 record: $13

versand schweiz: 10CHF
shipping europe: $12
shipping overseas $14

insurance: + 1.50CHF / + $6

teaser: lord finesse - soul plan (tru comers remix)