Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[hanDJob talks to] t.r.o.o.k.u.l.a. of brainwash 2000

oh my god, last post for this year! and how could we better end 2010 than with an interview with troo kula of the brainwash 2000 fame!?

seriously guys, everybody is or at least was after their 12"s. it took me years to get ahold of the «break it down» 12"! and even though everybody was aware of brainwash, you never heard anything about them. well, my man hanDJob came here today to change that fact. with the help of the tru comers [big shout out!] he tracked down t.r.o.o.k.u.l.a. for an interesting interview!

as usual we were also able to score some exclusive unheard material. in this case troo kula blesses us with three past funk & dues joints.

«Troo Kula:  First let me say Peace to you and all the real Hip Hop fans all around the world and thank you for this opportunity. T.R.O.O.K.U.L.A. stands for The Root Often Oversees with Knowledge Understanding Love and Acceptance. ..»

as already mentioned, we have 3 unheard joints for you ready. my winner here is «what you think».

3. ON E


big up to troo kula for taking the time and sharing some history! and now go and read the interview! 

happy new year folks and make sure you hit our spot in 2011 as well!

hanDJob & akutt

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

poison ladd s.l.r. x beats in general - rebel music 12" ep ['92-'96]

already got all your christmas gifts? well, here's some new heat from the solid ground fam:

Finishing off the year 2010, Poison Ladd S.L.R. – Beats In General return with another vintage 12” Ep of un-released songs recorded between 1992-1996. These recordings was pulled from the countless Dat tapes from Beats In General’s archives. REBEL MUSIC includes “All The Hits & More” (1992) a song about a drug addicts addiction to crack & cocaine, “No Fast Food Job” which details the harsh realities of working at a places like mc donald's in 1993, Cypress Hill inspired “One On Da Shelf” (1993) speaks about dealing with untrust worthy people in the hood, & “Bourbon & Bullets” (1996) story telling at its best which includes names of brand liquors & cigarettes.  

Side A

All The Hits & More (1992)

No Fast Food Job (1993)

Side B

One On Da Shelf (1993)

Bourbon & Bullets (1996)

This release is Limited to 300 copies and costs $39.99 (USA) or $49.99 (INTERNATIONAL) incl. Shipping. Now available for pre-order at:

Order Here:


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fifth city mob

probably the second last post this year guys!

this is the fifth city mob from the bronx. i featured both tracks on mixtapes already- but still,  it's a dope ass record! i didn't find out much about this crew so hanDJob helped me out with some info from one of the crew members:

«Members were David Brewster aka "Dusty Rhodes", Evan Leo Grandison aka "L-ion"and Ken Jones aka "DJ Ken Blass". It was Recorded in 93'. We are all from the BX. Co op City, Section 2 & 5. Dave & Leo are from 5. Thus the name 5th City Mob originated.»



great release– watch out for your copy!