Friday, February 01, 2013

la base x tru comers - connexion

the rebirth of a blog.

the tru comers, one of switzerlands finest beatmakers, are back with a huge record release. this time they teamed up with rap group la base, from the french part of switzerland. this is the bomb guys. ya'll better learn french soon.

«Whats up Y’all! 
We’re back again with a new release. This time in collabo with our Homies La  Base outta BNC !
We made the beats, they kicked the rhymes.
This the first release as a team since we connected , obviously this why we call it „Connexion“.
Check it out, cop the vinyl, spread the word, pump it in your system and watch out as we hit u with more shit in the near future.
Thanks for the support and Enjoy


Limited to 400 Copies (Every single Record comes with a CD)
Price : $16 / 15CHF
Ordering : 
comin tru:

once again mad props to the tru comers and one love to la base!
i hope this will sell out instantly!