Monday, September 17, 2012

da shogunz release

i'm officially late with this one!

beatmaker kick back finally on wax- check this in case you missed to preorder:

"Da Shogunz

- BlabberMouf (emcee)
- Corown Da Sensei (emcee)
- Propo'88 (producer, engineer, vinyl DJ)
- Truffel The Phunky Phaqir (producer, vinyl DJ)
- Realize (producer, vinyl DJ)
- Kick Back (producer)

Blunted Astronaut Records & DSC present:

Propo'88 & Kick Back, talented beatsmiths from the production team of Da Shogunz.
Propo & Kick Back grew up listening to underground Hip-Hop. As they got older, they started to get influenced by the culture as a whole and began creating music themselves, currently for Da Shogunz.

Da Shogunz are a European Hip-Hop crew based in the Netherlands.

At present, the crew includes: 2 MC's (BlabberMouf and Corown Da Sensei aka CDS) and 4 producers (Propo'88, Truffel The Phunky Phaqir, DJ Realize and Kick Back, who moved from Canada to Holland to become part of the group).

Da Shogunz, along with Het Verzet are the elite of underground Hip-Hop movement in Holland. With each member of the group contributing their unique style, together they form a strong foundation for boom-bap's inevitable revival.

This 12” record is comprised of instrumentals and vocal tracks created in traditional ways of Hip-Hop production, reminiscent of the times when the culture thrived.

It features MC's the duo has worked with in and outside of Da Shogunz. The vocal section is blessed by BlabberMouf, EllMatic & RawBerry from Holland, Simple One & Mr.Nylson from Germany, K Banger from the US, and Self from Canada. On the B-side there are six exclusive instrumental head-nodders.

In a time where mediocrity and corporate interference overflow the music industry, one should admire Propo's and Kick Back's dedication to being true to the culture, and to listeners worldwide.
It's the finest of cosmic boom-bap...


Side One:

1. Propo'88 & BlabberMouf - Put 'Em Up
Produced by: Propo'88
Written by: BlabberMouf
Cuts by: Propo'88

2. Kick Back - Keep It Live feat. Simple One & Mr.Nylson
Produced by: Kick Back
Written by: Simple One
Cuts by: Mr.Nylson

3. Propo'88 - That's How The Game Go feat. Self
Produced by: Propo'88
Written by: Self
Cuts by: Propo'88

4. Kick Back - When Night Falls feat. EllMatic & RawBerry
Produced by: Kick Back
Written by: EllMatic & RawBerry
Cuts by: Propo'88

5. Propo'88 - Free Verse feat. Self
Produced by: Propo'88
Written by: Self
Cuts by: Propo'88

6. Kick Back - Ode To New York feat. K Banger
Produced by: Kick Back
Written by: K Banger
Cuts by: Propo'88

Side Two:

1. Kick Back - Cosmic Dust
Produced by: Kick Back

2. Propo'88 - Express
Produced by: Propo'88
Cuts by: Propo'88

3. Kick Back - Funky Gypsy
Produced by: Kick Back

4. Propo'88 - Minor Trip
Produced by: Propo'88

5. Kick Back - Bugged Out
Produced by: Kick Back
Cuts by: Propo'88

6. Propo'88 - Crunch Time
Produced by: Propo'88
500 copies pressed on black vinyl (400 for sale).
Photography by: Zsuzsi van Dijk.
Artwork by Mr.Krum.

SHIPPING DATE: 22.10.2012

this record is presented by Blunted Astronaut & Da Shogunz. but there
are features from "out of crew" emcees, so its not an album, basically
we just like to call it a 12". " - kickback

get your copies here:

props to the whole crew and to the uprising and dope blunted astronaut records label!


Sunday, March 04, 2012

alkuttraz - new & limited pt.2 mix

one year passed since the first new & limited mixtape. it's 2012 now and the dope still gets out on wax on a heavy schedule. here's part 2 for your listening pleasure. 72mins.

much love to all the people, who still believe in vinyl. special props to all the new(er) record labels for their effort to provide high quality releases! what's up six2six, chopped herring, goodfelons, dwg, vinyl addicts, dopefolks, ed catto, swc, i-power, no sleep, schlick/subzdantial, blueconcept, dusty vinyl, king underground, slice of spice, black pegasus, comin' tru.....

solve the tracklist and spread this mix like a boss!


1. tru comers - wicked
2. amp boogie - last word
3. godfather don - do my thing
4. hassaan mackey & apollo brown - volume
5. ill distracxion - psychotic nasty
6. fully g - there she goes again remix
7. are em (100x) - belly of hell
8. the midnight eez - childhood memories
9. da henchmen - basket case
10. o.c. feat. page the hand grenade - weak ideas
11. lewis parker - swimming with sharks
12. sparrow - listen (to the rhyme)
13. alps cru - avalanche
14. roc marciano - drama
15. steve colossal - the city that bleeds [debonair p remix]
16. natural elements - i got your heart
17. doc bec - b.m.f. [grant p remix]
18. hulk hodn - ignut oil
19. d-stroy - i aint real
20. l. - ill vs.
21. i-power - true
22. the doppelgangaz - nexium
23. constant deviants - fulton street


Monday, February 27, 2012

[instrumentals] foka / poland

i know we just had a batch of instrumentals- but i had to post this one too!

for the first time poland is steppin' up the instrumental section- make room for foka.

«just a crate digger, daily smoker and beatmaker from Łódź, poland. the title for this instrumental material was born in my head over a year ago, as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite lp's.
I wanted to make it a short instrumental ep and ended up with these 10 tracks, all of them based on samples from obscure jazz records and movie soundtracks.
the whole thing was made on akai s950/mpc2000xl combo and mixed at home.
shout out to funkrischi for the dope cuts and mr. krum for the artwork.
peace and stay true»

[artwork by mr. krum]

a really dope 10-track lp for your listening pleasure. i'm sure we will hear more from him in the near future. he just worked together with digi crates and announced a 7" with a polish mc. he's only 19 years old. respect.

you can download the whole lp here:

foka on the web:

big shout out to foka, funkrischi and krum!


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

seeds of evolution

what's up fam!

first of all, thanks for all contributions to the tru comers competition! the lucky winner this time was big fig' from zürich/switzerland.

today, it's time for another hanDJob talk. he tracked down the producers edk from the seeds of evolution fame from philly. a must read in case you don't know them.

«hanDJob:   Apart from maybe one site I haven’t found out much about your discography. Please let us know what you’ve done, especially in Hip Hop as well as your influences.

EDK:         Of course our underground cult classic album Seeds of Evolution. We have also worked with...»

we also deliver you their ep from '98 and 12" from '99. my winners here are «sage» and «philadelphia». don't sleep! and also check their new material (you can find links in the interview).





seeds of evolution -  sage

big shout out to edk for sharing their story with us. and once again big up to hanDJob for making this possible.

akutt & hanDJob