Tuesday, December 09, 2008

alkuttraz - bullet for a bullet

it's not christmas yet, but here we go with another mix i did for y'all. 59 minutes! independent as fuck!

work on the tracklist as usual!


1. izm & m.o.l.d.- mo budded representation
2. the kismet- think twice
3. rick da bro- emotions
4. bredrens- keep it in ya area
5. brooklyn hood- my style
6. scientifik- internal affairs (wiz remix)
7. the legion- new niggas
8. east flatbush house of rep's- e.f. house of rep's
9. lost cawz- hooks
10. l.f. fam- wildin and murdah
11. microphone assassins - slugz in your chest
12. darcsyde- moneycide
13. looptroop- positive vibrations
14. dark skinned assassins- untitled raw shit
15. mood- hustle on the side
16. concept of alps- nocturnal illusions