Saturday, August 17, 2013

deviants of modern society 2LP

second release is the return of d.o.m.s. aka deviants of modern society!

still one of switzerlands most outstanding independent rap groups, d.o.m.s. return with their 2lp pre-order on sergent records. zaid, rawger faderah & mpa drums come correct. lyrics are on point, production is tight, and the beats amazing. and hey, if you don't speak swiss german, there is ran reed on there too. on top, you'll get all instrumentals as well!

make sure to peep the snippets:

excellent release my friends. keep up the good work! 


gee rock & da cnd coalition - strait outta jerzee

two releases i want to emphasize this weekend.

first is by a new label in town. heavy jewelz records - founded by verge, pg023 & patrock.

like 'em now!

their debut release is gee rock - straight outta jersey

"We are specialized in pressing up mainly demos, lost or unreleased hip hop music from the 90s era on wax. But there will be also some 80s material and Cassette and CD releases in the future. We just got our first release out, we pressed the first album from Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition titled "Strait Outta Jerzee" on wax." - patrock

"20 years ago, in 1993, Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition released they're lone LP on a wildly limited number of cassettes which have rarely, if ever, been seen. Now Heavy Jewelz brings it back to Brick City NJ with this 12 track fast moving funky LP on vinyl for the first time, never to be repressed.

Limited to only 300 copies.

The masters have been lost forever so we had to source straight from cassette. Accordingly we're letting these copies go for a nice price.

Peep the snippets first to be sure you're gonna be satisfied with the audio quality:

Here's the bigcartel storefront for it:

and the bandcamp page for it:

we sold out quick with the caramel colored copies and as i type there's only 1 Test Press bundle left, but there's still a few double packs available where you can get one 150 Gram black copy and one 140 Caramel colored copy for $45. We also have some single 150 Gram black vinyl copies left.

Thanks Al! again, its cool if you can't or can, either way.
peace" - verge

get your copies now folks. this label will drop more heat soon!