Saturday, August 22, 2009

qwy ba' ba', l' anka ba' ba' & shamar da boonkie

okay, these must be the craziest names i've seen on a record for a long time!– qwy ba' ba', l' anka ba' ba' & shamar da boonkie!

hey i can't tell you nuttin'! it's from '95 on fresh start records from new york. same track on both sides (you get an additional r n b hook on the flipside). their rhymestyle is pretty special and reminds me a bit of the bush babees.

solid track, check it out! and please fill my gap, should you know anything about them!





Saturday, August 15, 2009

[remixes] verge / usa

and were back in business! after a short absence, i'm proud to anounce the third chapter of remixes done by the readers of crates of ag! this time we got none other than mister verge from the t.r.o.y. blog!

I must first apologize for the sound quality of most of these mp3s. They're radio rips from a show on WPRB that I used to co-host and they were produced from around 2003 to 2004. I've noticed that at that time I was doing a lot of beats that had slowed down samples.

Juggaknots Good Morning remix uses an extremely slowed down sample from a Jazz record that isn't too obscure. At the end of the song, if you're into 70's funk, you'll catch a clue of what was used.

Shabazz Death Be The Penalty remix also has a slowed down sample, but this time you can tell at a certain point. I thought it gave it a raw feel the way it seems to go off and get back on. You'll know what I mean when you hear it.

The Masta Killa remix was actually a guest verse from an Afu Ra cut. I guess I wasn't really feeling the Afu lyrics, so I took the Masta Killa verse and gave it it's own beat. Pretty simple, yet effective. I like how the change up comes in when he starts rhyming about the female.

For the Street Smartz Problemz remix, I gave it a chopped up to death soul sample. Nothing can compare to the og of this song, but I wanted to give it a bluesy feel to match the lyrics. I included the instrumental for this one because it was supposed to be used by an emcee, so I re hooked it a lot better.

Large Pro/J Love Rap Professionals remix is actually a pretty intricately chopped and re assembled beat. I hope to find that instrumental so you can really hear the little nuances that really make that beat good.

That Big L Put It On remix is actually the only one in high quality audio. I gotta thank Vaporized from Philaflava for re blending that one for me. I used a slowed down moaning sample from the Lord Of The Rings record from 1972.

Again, I apologize for the sound quality. I suffered a couple of very huge vinyl losses since these were created and no longer have ANY of these records to re do the remixes with. :( But if anyone really needs any of them, I'll do what I can. Thanks for listening. Peace, Verge

you'll get 6 amazing remixes! i really feel all of them! similar to skeletor, there is a mellow, mystic and grimey touch all over them!


1. big l - put it on (verge remix)
2. juggaknots - good morning (verge remix)
3. large professor - rap professionals (verge remix)
4. masta killa verse (verge-no-afu-remix)
5. shabazz the disciple - death be the penalty (verge remix)
6. street smartz - problemz (verge remix)

thanks for the dopeness verge, and make sure you keep on producing!


Sunday, August 02, 2009

tru comers- the remix ep competition winner

this is not a fake! the first correct email won!

congratulations to our dear hannah aka Ho1ogramz!