Sunday, May 15, 2011

[remixes] frankensteeno and georgy whistler pt.2

it's the return of frankensteeno and georgy whistler! i'm sure a lot of you guys remember their debut remix packages. in case you missed them– check the archives! this time they teamed up together and bless us with 16 tracks!


1. Intro (Georgy)
2. Funkmaster Flex - Wu-Tang Cream Team Line-Up (Georgy)
3. Kool G Rap feat. Nas - Fast Life (Franky)
4. Double L - Peeps In The Ground (Georgy)
5. Saukrates - Father Time (Georgy)
6. L-Swift - Daydreaming (Franky)
7. Derelect Camp - Love Or Fame (Georgy)
8. Big Twan - Hellgate Rebel (Franky)
9. Nas - The Setup (Franky)
10. Kool G Rap-Real_Life (Franky)
11. A-Plus - All I See (Franky)
12. X-Perado - Paradox (Georgy)
13. Corrupt Empire - Jersey Get Yours (Franky)
14. Biggie Smalls - Suicidal Thoughts (Franky)
15. T-Max - Relax Your Mind (Georgy)
16. Outro (Franky)

big up to georgy & franky. once again, this is heat! what's your joint? you'll find two of my favorites below.

l-swift - daydreaming [frankensteeno remix]

double l - peeps in the ground [georgy whistler remix]