Monday, January 18, 2010

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always livin' foul
tainted mindz
uptown vandals
t-abel cachet
da enna c.
3rd eye


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Saturday, January 16, 2010

[remixes] pa-double / switzerland

the next remix session is here!

today we have pa-double from switzerland. for those, who didn't know– he is dj & producer of nefew (also known as emphacized prophecy). a swiss rap group with english raps.

Wassuup!! It’s PA-Double! I'm one of the founders of On Our Feet Ent./Out Of Frame Records plus DJ and producer of Nefew (formerly known as Emphacized Prophecy).

I started producing back in 1998 using just a computer with no multi tracking sound programm ( I think it was the wave-lab which came along with the PC, can’t remember exactly though). Now, I usualy work with Samplitude, MPC2000, microKorg, Plugins + additional live instruments we record in the On Our Feet Studio (Shouts to Polemikk!).

I did the beats for this remixes already a few years ago. The Children Of The Corn Remix was actually featured on one of my mixtapes tagged as „Harlem Mix“. Alkuttraz was looking for that 12“ for about 3 years, until I told him that I produced that track (He still hates me for that! Haha..) The other tracks were not ment to go as a remix but when Alkuttraz asked me to remix a few songs I just put them together. I hope you enjoy listening to them. Please get back at me with any feedback.


1. children of the corn - american dream (pa-double remix)
2. insight - how you use it (pa-double exclusive)
3. kev brown - allways (pa-double remix)
4. mop - pounds up (pa-double remix)
5. organized konfusion - somehow someway (pa-double remix)
6. planet asia + madlib - definition of ill (pa-double remix)
7. prince ad - lyrical flava (pa-double remix)

delusions (2003)

as i create (2003)

i'm sure most of you guys will freak out because of the children of corn remix in this package. one of the best remixes i've ever heard! also check out the youtube videos. you'll love "as i create"!

big shout out to pa-double and the whole oof crew!