Monday, December 15, 2003

Showbiz & AG - Broken Chains 2xLP

Hey Everyone:

The response for this project has been phenomenal. Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered it.

We have about 100 copies of 500 left. They are selling quickly.

If you want a copy or copies and you haven't pre-ordered or contacted me about holding a copy until you can pay, then I suggest you do so as I do not know how long they will last.

I am happy to work with people who need a bit of time to pay, so contact me at:

jenniferhandal at hotmail dot com

or purchase via Discogs

Here is the original email, in case you missed it:

Shipping January 2009

Freestyle Records is pleased to announce our new collector's only vinyl release:

Showbiz & A.G. – Broken Chains: Soul Clap & Runaway Slave Unreleased, 1990-1992

Previously thought lost forever, these masters recently resurfaced and have yielded a treasure trove of unreleased vocal and instrumental tracks from the incredibly fruitful recording sessions leading up to one of the most important Hip Hop albums of all time.

Included in this package are three previously unreleased original versions for songs produced by Showbiz that would eventually become Soul Clap EP and Runaway Slave LP classics but in different forms. Also included, from the same sessions, is a previously unreleased Diamond D production featuring A.G. Finally, rounding out the package, are 7 unreleased instrumental productions by Showbiz from the Runaway Slave sessions. As a special bonus, Freestyle Records has thrown in an untitled cut by D-Flow & Party Arty from 1995 produced by Showbiz.

Due to the importance of this project, Freestyle Records has chosen to release these 12 cuts on a double vinyl format with a picture cover as follows:

Showbiz & A.G. – Broken Chains: Soul Clap & Runaway Slave Unreleased, 1990-1992
All tracks produced by Showbiz unless otherwise noted

1) Instrumental 1, 1991-1992

2) Diggin' In The Crates OG Version, 1990
(The second track ever recorded by Showbiz & A.G. [after Soul Clap]. Different verse from Showbiz, different track with extended piano sample. More energy than released version.)

3) Instrumental 2, 1991-1992

4) Instrumental 3, 1991-1992

5) To Each His Own (More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto OG), 1991
(Similar lyrics, different track. More melodic, less dark than released version.)

6) Instrumental 4, 1991-1992
(sample later used by Show for You Want It, left unreleased off Goodfellas LP in 1995)

7) Instrumental 5, 1991-1992
(sample later used by The Beatminerz for Smif-N-Wessun’s Bucktown in 1994)

8 ) Hard To Kill OG Version, 1991
(Different beat [uses Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 beat {sampled from TV} from Malcolm X intro on released version], different track, no shouted chorus [instead uses scratched in vocal samples {all five from A.G. on It’s Up To You}], one new verse, [first verse of released version is second verse here on OG]. Harder than released version.)

9) Instrumental 6, 1991-1992

10) I'm Convinced, 1992 (Previously unreleased, produced by Diamond D)

11) Instrumental 7, 1991-1992

12) Untitled feat D. Flow & Party Arty, 1995 (Bonus Cut, previously unreleased)

check snippets HERE!

This project is a limited, one-time run of 500 copies pressed. Half of the copies (250) will be sold to Japan where nearly 200 are already spoken for. The remaining 250 will be sold in America and Europe. The cost for the 2xLP is $100 plus shipping. Shipping is $7 within the U.S. and $15 to all parts of Europe. You can direct all inquiries and make all Paypal payments to:

jenniferhandal at hotmail dot com

Ed Catto
Freestyle Records
NYC, December 2008