Monday, November 27, 2006

crates of ag [archives]

ok, as promised here are my last two mixtapes from '99 and ' has been a while since my last one...i should really get the new one done soon! there is not too much rarity on here, but it is what i played back then.



  1. Intro
  2. Funky Dl- 202088
  3. Erick Sermon/Heltah Skeltah/Starang Wondah & Trigger Tha Gambler- If You Don't Know Like I Know
  4. Channel Live/Krs One- Mad Izm Rmx
  5. Mad Skillz- Skills In '95
  6. Heather B/M.O.P.- My Kinda Nigga
  7. Large Professor- Mad Scientist
  8. Mr. Eon-Skitt
  9. Mama Mystique- Tremendous
  10. Obscure Disorder-Lyrically Exposed
  11. 2 Face- Nyc
  12. Homeless Derelix- Operations
  13. Voodoo- One Life To Live
  14. Erule- Listen Up

Zide 2:

  1. Skit
  2. Organized Konfusion- Stress Large Pro Rmx
  3. M-Slash- Good Timez
  4. Just Ro- Confusion
  5. Non Equation- Transparent
  6. A Tribe Called Quest- Same Ol Thing
  7. Criminul Scientifik- Fallen Star
  8. PBW/Rasco- Run The Line
  9. Adagio- The Obvious Joint
  10. Mobb Deep- Back At You
  11. Hdm- Real Mc's
  12. Ras Kass- Remain Anonymous
  13. Marvel- Wordz Of
  14. G-Depp- Head Over Wheels
  15. Outro



Side Cee:

01. Intro
02. Bums - Non-Stopping The Groove
03. The Outfit - Why I Don't Know
04. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Devotion [93 Remix]
05. Skit
06. Encore & Peanut Butter Wolf - Think Twice
07. Attica Blues feat. Organized Konfusion - Tender [Remix]
08. East Flatbush Project - Can't Hold It Back
09. Mad Kap - Questions
10. Slum Brothers - Sure Shot
11. Muro, Lord Finesse & A.G. - The Vinyl Athletes [Remix]
12. Kwest - What's The Reaction [Remix]
13. Mass Influence - Life To The MC
14. Lewis Parker - Mysteries Of Life
15. Skit
16. Lootpack - On Point

Side Dee:

01. Skit
02. Mystidious Misfitss - I Be Digga [Remix]
03. Ground Floor - One, Two
04. Raw Produce - Up All Night
05. Lady Apache & Finsta Bundy - Rock And Comeen
06. Pitch Black - Hold Me Down
07. Mannish - Speaker Time
08. D Prosper - Hip Hop Heads
09. Slum Brothers - Regular Niggers
10. Big Kwam - Mic To Mic
11. Skit
12. Smif-N-Wessun - Soundbwoyburiell
13. Saukrates & Common Sense - Play Dis
14. Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm
15. Constellation - For All The Heads
16. Kool G Rap - Check Da Bitch
17. Outro feat. Polemikk





Anonymous said...

i don't know why but the 01 tape doesnt work! peace andy

Crates of AG said...


what does not work? works fine over here.


dome said...

even back then you had them skillz on point . Dope mixes

Anonymous said...

maybe it's something wrong with my computer! i have tried it 2 times..
peace andy

Anonymous said...

Yo Al,

Just downloading your tapes and as I checked through the tracklist I saw the Mama Mystique track. Where did you
get hold of that one? I love that track!!! And even though the tracks aren't quite as rare as the shit your posting nowadays I think it's dope! Thanx for upping the shit that quickly!


Anonymous said...

ey fleyva
you can see tremendous from time to time on ebay. hehe i know you hate ebay-biddings!
peace andy

Anonymous said...

ok now, i've heard the mind occupation mix. fucking dope man! in my opinion some tracks got a lil bit to mutch pitching! your skills back in 99 were so good... the new mix gonna blow every fuckin brain out there, right? thanks for your work!


Anonymous said...

shits wayyyyyy to dope. i gotta bring this back to the 70 heads round my way, cause what they listening to be getting old and hip hop aint to them how it used to be when they showed me the way and so i am coming from the descendants of the greatest that kept hip hop fun and real, Thanks lots and madd madd respect

Anonymous said...

That's some tight shit fam...i see you have The Outfit up there..."Soundtrack To Life" was classic. Two of the members (Jas Mace & Marchitect) from The Outfit are actually still recording shit but they are called The 49ers now, they just released a new joint called "Equilibrium" HOT! Still on the same time as before.

Dabrovska said...

the track “why I don' T know” is not Cryptic One ?