Wednesday, February 28, 2007

215 asasinz

the 215 asasinz- a six person rap group from philly including members such as kenny lee (r.i.p.), patrice taylor, wade staton, james woodrit, izzim spicer, eric aka etc. and kenneth lee owens. i think this is their only release. put out in '95 on no cross records.

"This single received major airplay in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. The single topped number 1 on Power 99’s Radio Active countdown and number 3 on the Urban Ground magazine top ten Hit list. This Recognition helped to nominate 215 asasinz for “Da Buzz Awards” not to mention the sale of close to 15,000 units in ‘mom and pop’ stores in the philly, South Jersey and Delaware area alone."

i guess the lp they were working on never got completed as several members of the group obviously moved out of Philadelphia to go to college and for job opportunities.

215 ASASINZ 12" '95





Ralven said...

Sehr, sehr, ich sags nochmal: sehr nice. Frag mich echt, wo Du immer solche Perlen ausgräbst. ;)

Mad Props vom Becksstrand

Jaz said...

wow, I am pretty sure I heard this on either a Backspin mixtape or a Stretch & Bobbito show...anyway it is really ill and I wanted to thank you kindly.

Andy said...

thanx man

Anonymous said...

great record,wasn't on some mixtape so it will only fetch 20 bucks on ebay.But its one of the better indy 12"s

Anonymous said...

amazing, been looking for this for a long time, since a friend had it on a mixtape back in 96. big thanks for this one.

jimmyblast said...

i just happen to stumble on this page im james woodrit aka jim blast a member of the 215 asasinz. thanx fo da luv.