Monday, April 16, 2007

blaque spurm

why not remain it in the depths of the contract recording company?!

another crew on the jersey label was a kombo called blaque spurm. their probably first release was put out on ill labels (5one6) and features two tracks produced by grizz & prodige.

i guess one year later the five artists, namely stylze, papa doc, cuba, j-nap and fyne teamed up with tony d, to release a four cut strong ep on contract. i have to say...every song on this release is dope.

my joints on these two records are "the cycle", "pack ya shit" and "splendid". great stuff folks!







(this post has been edited)


serch4beatz said...

some nice chill joints..rite for the summer time..thanks man

Skalp said...

always loved that "pack ya shit" joint, dope ep.
Good idea to dig in the Contract Records catalog, i'm curious to see the next post...

qnzgrimiest said...

if i had to pick one outta all of them then it would have to be Nonoxynol Rhymin, that beat is so gullyand dark, thats sample is bananas, that voice sample really brings it out

Crates of AG said...

qnz, check example's "slow motion" track. uses the same sample.


Anonymous said...

Very nice tracks !! Anybody knows for how much the 93 ´ EP sells ?? Who got a nice copy for me ....thanks.

qnzgrimiest said...

that file is deleted

Crates of AG said...

example re-up

Anonymous said...

I thought Splendid was the second 12" from Blaque Spurm and dropped in 1995, why do you think t came first? I don't think Contract was putting out records in 1993.
Ed Catto

Crates of AG said...


i thought the same thing. but multiple web searches said '93 somehow. but it doesn't sound '93ish at all. let me correct it...

Anonymous said...

It can't be 1993, all those Contract records were later. I am almost certain Splendid was their second release. The web search results are probably just fools guessing (badly).
Ed Catto

Crates of AG said...

i think you're right. just edited my post. discussions like this is what i'm talking about! thanks for your comment ed.

Plexxxx said...

There was a full length that dropped (maybe) in '93, that was reviewed by Rappages in the summer of '93 by a crew called "Baby Chill & The Secret Squirrels", they were from Jersey and the name of the record was "Black Sperm". It got a decent review and it was considered typical east coast '93 shit. Never heard any tracks or seen any mention of it anywhere outside that Rappages issue but I've always wondered if it had any relation to the "Blaque Spurm" stuff. Probably not, but maybe somebody knows something about it. said...

super dope post. lovin' Blaque_Spurm-Nonoxynol_Rhymin'


Anonymous said...

Akutt & Ed,

I was curious about the date on the Splendid 12 too and e-mailed Tony D a couple weeks ago. He said it was from '93.


Crates of AG said...


man, really!? so i have to edit my post every day now!? lol. i just asked blaque spurm about the year of the release- i'll keep you guys updated.

thanks for the info anyway!


Bobbie said...

Peace my name is Bobbie Fine aka B.Fine. Blaque Spurm was & still is my crew. The original members are myself, my brother #9 aka Baby Chill(RIP), El Blaque, Cuba, Mr. Styles, Papa Doc, J-Nap & Awahl. I flipped BS from a group I started a few years prior called The Funk Family. We released a single called "Anyway" produced by the Baka Boyz. Splendid was actually recorded as a FuFa song in 92 but wasn't released until after we released Dayz & Dayz which was our 1st single in 94. Rick Rubin was tired of Hi-Hop in general and kinda wanted me to revert back to some of the grittier stuff he heard from my earlier FuFa days which caused us to part ways in 96. So we released Splendid on our own while in the process of leaving American. My Attorney at the time Kevon Glickman owned Contract and loved the record so we partnered up & put it out sometime near the end of 95 beginning of 96. I dont remember exactly but I do remember hearing DJ Red Alert playing it early 96 on his 5 O'clock Free Ride (think that was the name of the show). Anyway, Papa Doc, J-Nap and I have recently been doing shows here in Houston where BS really started. Though I was born and raised in Jersey the project was mostly conceived in H-Town and we ripped many a stage back in the day here. I remember a young Erica Badu at one of our shows in Austin when she wasn't a singer at the time but an emcee and Ole girl from the Brand New Heavies & her husband gave us some much praise at Tipatina’s in New Orleans. Long story short, it's amazing that after all this time and at a time when I've been really at odds as an artist with whether or not any relevant impact was really made by artist & groups like my self and so many others who were heard but unheard. Then I Google my group (as I do every couple months and a while) and find this blog and know that it wasn't in vain and people did really listen and enjoy what we had to say. Thank you! Peace!

Crates of AG said...

peace bobbie,

thanks a lot for finding the time to come over here and clear things up, highly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

listen clearly to the instrumental of "splendid" and you will hear "93". i belive in the 2nd hook..
so the track must be recorded in 93!

Greaza said...

Great EP... All 4 tracks sound great! Big Up, for Them Alkuttraz putting it online!

Cheers from The Netherlands!

Cipher Of Example said...

Sup Bobbie!!! Where the hell have you been? I'm in the same spot. Hit me up.

Good said...