Sunday, June 10, 2007

crates of ag (the series)- volume 1

while diggin through my digital crates on my harddisk, i found some mixes i did 1,5 to 2 years ago...the aim with these back then was a new mixtape. but that never happened. so let me post this 45mins mix as the first one of a series being a prequel to an official mix dropping later this year. it's up to you to do a tracklist (not that hard).


well done guys!


1. lo down- mask of the phantom instr.
2. lo down- fright nights
3. mr. sta puff- hip hop don't stop
4. scientists of sound- adverse forces
5. mr d original- come wit it
6. ruggedness madd drama- checkin down the menu rmx
7. juice- to be continued
8. looptroop- flyers
9. three times dope feat. ruggeddness & ve borne- kick dat style
10. lastrawze- big respect
11. dirty face angels- actin' up
12. blind mice- paper capers pt 1
13. third sight- i will never leave you




serch4beatz said...

finally some news on a mix :D thanks man ;)

nawledge said...

Thanks for this AG... Real Fresh. I actually had a weird question, do you know what the name is of that Font that you used for the Crates Of AG "The Series" Banner at the top of the Post?? The Red Pic Banner with the Tape. I've been looking for a Font with that similar style, but haven't had any Luck. Any Info would be Much Appreciated. Thanks Again for puttin in Time... Peace.

Crates of AG said...


the font is called steiner!


Anonymous said...

ag this mixtape is very dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!put the tracklist on blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nawledge said...

WORD ag... Thanks for the nawledge.


Anonymous said...

Thx for this great mix...nuff respect, also for this great blog, i thougt i knew almost everything ´bout hip hop, but i was wrong...thx a lot and put tracklist on blogger...rock on

Crates of AG said...

thanks for the positive comments fellas. as for the tracklist, come on should be able to at least name a few of them. i'm even sure some of you could handle the whole list. post up what you know and when it's complete i'll add it to the main site. be active!


serch4beatz said...

i only know 2 tracks haha
07. Looptroop - flyers
10. Dirty Face Angels - Actin Up

thats it lol

Anonymous said...


ruggedness maddrama : checkin down the menu remix

scientists of sound

third sight

Anonymous said...

The last track is "Blind Mice - Paper Capers Part I"

Anonymous said...

Heavy mix there! looking forward to the mixtape.
Just started my own blog 'Buggin Out' over at would be sound if you could add a link from your page as its one of my personal favourites.

Anonymous said...

I can name: Promoe,Blind Mice,Ruggedness Mad Drama(i think twice),Mr.Original,Juice,Lastrawze(Big Respect,Dirty Face Angels


Anonymous said...

mr sta puff & lo down

greetz, tobi

Anonymous said...

what is the other ruggedness track called ?? (not checkin down the menu rmx, the other one)


Anonymous said...

Fresh mix man Thanks a lot.
I would also want to hear that lastrawze 12' if that is not a problem for you.


Bwootleg Smiff said...

Good Lookin On Dat Lastrawze That Was Some Real 90's Miami Hop Hop

simeazy said...

Waddup my G! This is Sim-E from the Lastrawze! You need a medal for that dope shit you're posting man! I produced and rhymed on that record, it was the 1st single from the Lastrawze album, Instrawmental! Interested in getting dat for the crates, get @ me,, or! Stay classic, peace and love.

Milkman from uk said...

Dope mix m8, thumbs up