Sunday, March 09, 2008

the return of the deerhuntaz

right folks! handjob & alkuttraz teamed back together as tha deerhuntaz.

tha deerhuntaz – a crew formed a decade ago, consisted of alkuttraz (dj face off back then), hanDJob (dj dough aka r-ctic) and a few more members, who weren’t really into deejaying...but it was more of a party community anyway...nevertheless we shared the love for the same sort of music and somewhen in ‘98/’99 we released our first tape (it will NEVER get uploaded, so don’t even ask!!) which we sold at parties or to friends etc.... about 2 years later we did another tape (m.v.p.) which is still listenable to this day...somewhen in 2001 the dh’s sort of parted ways due to different jobs, education type stuff etc but we’ve always kept in finally here we go again...if we have time & motivation more mixes may follow!

not much more to say, just 64mins of indyness. means 30mins each, recorded pretty uncomplicated at our cribs.


alkuttraz zide:

1. ve bourne- m.i.l.k.
3. hillfiguzes- pain
4. headtag, looptroop, kashal-tee, studda- word exchange
5. othorized fam- (othorized?)
6. devious monk- storm of the devil
7. theology 3- closed caption
8. kaotic disciples- it's all kaotic v7.3
9. 90 prophets- remember me

hanDJob zide:

2. da minds of sol- holocaust part 2
4. ve bourne- north filthy
5. mr. lif- this won
6. the imperial one- too much stress
8. falcon & sleepy- all the powers in the mind
9. kingz of flam- increase da peace
10. lord finesse- down for the underground
14. launchpad 2000- dai in life

enjoy and fill the gaps!
akutt & handjob


Anonymous said...

Thanx yo!!! just downloaded it...dope so far!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard Hedtag: Word Exhange on there!!!

serch4beatz said...

HAHAHAAAAAAAA NICE with the picture!

Anonymous said...

Nice mix thanks

Kaotic Disciple-it's allkaotic


Anonymous said...

mr. lif - this won
kingz of flam - increase da peace
hillfiguezes - pain
othorized fam (no title)

pace, toby

Anonymous said...

Yo that mix put me to shame big time!
I wasn't able to recognize one track besides Mr Lif and Lord finesse voices. Very good job!

kayn said...

imma add falcon & sleepy - all the powers in the mind for the handjob side


heiss heiss baby said...

i know the 1st mixtape
for this one
on alkuttraz i think number 6 is
ruff rugged and raw : jump wiggle it

Funky09 said...

Ve Borne "m.i.l.k." on the akutt's part and "north filthy" on the Handjob's one.

serch4beatz said...

dont know the title but i heard one mc say "da minds of sol crew" so i guess they're also in this mix :D

Anonymous said...

Da mind of sol-holocaust part2


Anonymous said...

yo very nice style ;)
how old have you been on this pic al ? pace, toby

Crates of AG said...

well done so far guys! no ruff rugged & raw though.

toby, i think handjob was around 17 and me 16.

handjob said...

thanks to everyone for checking this out......

to heiss heiss baby: what's up mr french lover?! isch liebe disch du mistschtükkkk...

so heiss heiss baby said...

hey handzob i fucked up on the track ich bin so heiss heiss baby
see you big blumchen fleisch
my swiss chocolate

Funky09 said...

Also Imperial One on the wankjob mix :-)

Anonymous said...

alkuttraz side
06.Syndrome A.K.A. Devious Monk - Mad Hatters

greatJOB - thanks


staybent said...

Killer mix :)

Track 2 on Al's side is SMOKIN'!

West Coast?

Crates of AG said...

a few more to go guys!

staybent, i don't really know, to be honest. it has no info on the label.


serch4beatz said...

Syndrome A.K.A. Devious Monk / Mad Hatters

storm of the devil

on alkutts mix

Anonymous said...

What is the name and mc of the first track on the hanDJob zide.

Chorus is something like: from the east side the b side the west side the best side, really don't matter just keep your skills tight...

serch4beatz said...

could the last track on alkutts side be "rudy lo - remember me" ?

Dabrovska said...

No, Remember me by Rudy Lo is really different

Anonymous said...

last track on handjob mix is launchpad 2000 dai in life

eckso-bogota said...

alkuttraz side:
7.theology 3 - closed caption

and i suppose track 2 is Stro (Procussions)....and probbably the name would be 'out with tha O' or 'N with tha new'...or someshit like that, dope track anyway

im a big hanDJob fan, and i became a big alkuttraz fan after this, now i listen to his mixes twenyfo' seven thanx to the fact that i got a lot of dem here, nice taste, nice style, both of yall...peace!

charlie.n.trees said...

thanks, dope mixes on both ends. any chance handjob or you could post the "da minds of sol" vinyl single? i only have a tape rip. i got a lot to share also.

charlie.n.trees said...

oh and track 1 on handjobs side has got to be an a-fek solo from The Korp Dynasty or just a Korp track. I know that much not sure about the title. dope track.

Anonymous said...

what about the theology 3 track
i cant find anything
that is existing on vinyl
is it so rare???
and do somebody know
the last track (9)
which is for me very nice!!!!

ecks-bogota said...

tracks missing on alkuttraz mix are so ill....really looking forward to know those titles one of these days

its about time to let us know, dont you think?;)

Crates of AG said...

ecks, you are right! let me see...

CrimeFamily said...

hey man, can you reveal the first track on the handjob side?

Anonymous said...

the song is on a somewhat unknown sampler..good luck finding that lol!

CaReLeSs said...

Anybody figure out the instrumental track on handjobs side right after minds of sol ?

CrimeFamily said...

handjob side

1. Legacy - That's How I Live

ecks-bogota said...

Yo Al......just throw that 2nd track name man hahahahahha, it's been a while right???