Tuesday, July 15, 2008

kickback mix

slightly new design again folks!

and to launch the new season i just did a mix for y'all. 30mins of indyness!

enjoy and be part of the solution!


1. the prunes feat yb- theme pt.2 (funk of 40,000 years)
2. shabrinklez- the strong one never falls
3. yasheen & the murder 1 squad- bring it!
4. wisdom- it's rare
5. the antidote- ricochet
6. prophets of the ghetto - da expansion
7. ghettolandz- searchin
8. gap town ep- shorty's big on me
9. reflexionz- this could be the day
10. hyndu- faxinated



hanDJob said...

4. Wisdom - it's rare
7. Ghettolandz - searchin
8. GAP Town ep ("shortys big on me")
9. Reflexions - this could be the day
10. Hyndu - faxinated

Crates of AG said...

nice one

top-notch-records said...

Wasn´t able to listen to the full mix yet, but i skipped through the tracks and recognized:

6.Prophets Of The Ghetto - Da Expansion

Dope Track & thanks to Ed for hooking me up with this !!!

serch4beatz said...

damn thats my shit right here haha..nice selekshun

Fab said...

you should treat your grandma a little better and not use her photogenic abilities for public purposes, damn dude!

handjob said...

2nd track might be the Deadringaz but i'm not sure about that...

Funky09 said...

Ahhh that's a dope one. I knew you could come back big time.
My personal fav since a limited infinity.

BYL said...

this is sooo dope alex you killed it with this one... i like that reflexions track alot. and is the second track by the deadringaz?

Anonymous said...

5.olori rock?

Anonymous said...

2. Shabrinklez - Gunz N Gatz
3. Yasheen & the Murder 1 Squad - Bring It!

Peace to the almighty Alkutraz!

Ed Catto

Crates of AG said...

thank you guys! i'm glad you like it.

two more to go!

"almighty" alkuttraz =o)

Anonymous said...

Almighty Alkutraz, can you please put on the 12' from Reflexionz - This could be the day.

That's a real banger!!

top-notch-records said...

1. The Prunes - Theme Pt. 2 (Funk Of 40.000 Years) ?

LaSenSii said...

1. The Prunes - Theme Pt. 2 (Funk Of 40.000 Years) ?

Yes is that Prunes Tracks..

Crates of AG said...

exactly! one more to go

Chuck said...

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Chuck said...

let me know and i'll add you asap

Anonymous said...

summer dopeness for sure..
thanks alex

Anonymous said...

holy shit... pure dopeness.

Ed Gurupá said...

damn, i want that prunes track