Monday, September 29, 2008

darkside mix

damn, he's back again! i recorded a new mix for the crates of ag fam last night! 40mins of suburban melodies. please create the tracklist!


1. fifth city mob - darkside
2. m-slash- good timez remix
3. all around incredibles - all-arounds the bomb remix
4. crimedanch cartel- all my friends
5. cannabis - represent no question
6. tha zone- jazzy phunkadelphia
8. ghettolandz- ginuwine thoughtz
9. trife & d-mob- gun town's finest
10. x-tra pleza- i can feel everything
11. hycelph- '97 introduction




bert-c-town said...

Nice selection!

Ghettolandz - Ginuwine
Trife & D-Mob - Gun Town's Finest

handjob said...

m-slash - good times remix
crimedanch cartel - all my friends
hycelph - '97 introduction

BYL said...

all the tracks i recognized have already been IDed but dope play list. i picked up the trife & d mob guntowns finest lp about a week or so ago dope stuff

once again this is an ill mix alex!

top-notch-records said...

I like that one a lot:

Tha Zone - Jazzy Phunkadelphia

Bibow (TNR)

Anonymous said...

Dope mix alkuttraz.Thanks man
First track is da shyt but i have no idea who is it.Also i like that Trife's track but heard it already so many times.


Anonymous said...

I think the first track is U.T.K. REZERCTORS-Darkside

Funky Noodles said...

- X-tra Pleza - I can feel everythang

Crates of AG said...

right on fellas!
sorry no u.t.k. rezerctors.

is it working for you in zip format?


serch4beatz said...

goddamn that xtra pleza track is dope..nice mix chief

kayn said...

pretty dope mix, like big african blunts :D


Anonymous said...

very nice mix! enjoyed it a lot...especially tracks 9 and 11. thanx!

peace fleyva

Willy Du Witt said...

dope mix... never heard that xtra pleza joint thats the shit. track 5 is nice too. only ones i knew were the d-mob, crimedanch, and hycelph joints. all the tracks are nice, mad props

Crates of AG said...

thanks for the props!!

keep 'em coming!

Ralven said...

yo al,
once again a pretty dope mix. thx alot.
peez, ralven

Willy Du Witt said...

yo whats the chance of u uppin some of these 12"????

Crates of AG said...

well, never say never

AC said...

yo fam...

We'll rock this mix on Radio today for you ... we love your work ... if you ever want to do your own live show on the station, it's easy bro ... Bazooka Joe goes live on the station every Thursday night and Dj X-Ray goes live from Long Island sometimes on Mondays... If you're down, hit me up ...

kristhegreek said...

Nice mix once again. Peace

serch4beatz said...

daaamn whats track 1 ?? you did it again and infested me with a tune that i cant get outta my head haha

ecks-bogota said...

i don't know why no one asked this before, but, where is that good timez remix available?

Alkuttraz said...

it's a test press ecks! maybe i'll up it one day

ecks-bogota said...

thats one rare shit right there!
looking forward for that day.

ecks-bogota said...

01 - fifth city mob - darkside

CrimeFamily said...

Track 7: RIP - The Rebel Notebook