Friday, July 24, 2009

tru comers- the remix ep / competition

finally, switzerland enters the indy scene with a brillant remix ep by the tru comers! none other than the freestyle professors, the alps cru and the dysfunkshunal familee are featured on this little nugget here on comin tru records!

"two and a half years ago we did a remix project with beats of us no one intended to use. we added accapellas and here's the final result:

then in the beginning of 2008 we thought we should do another remix project– but this time on vinyl! so we asked several artists for exclusive accapellas and in the end we managed to get these three and then started to produce the beats for them. unfortunately the whole project really took its time...

the tru comers are dj sperrow and dj x-pert. we are producing beats since the age of 14/15 and we also did the scratches on this remixes.

This product is strictly non profit- we're even if we manage to sell each and every copy."

what can you expect of this ep? well, you'll get 3 remixes, the 3 instrumentals, plus 2 bonus beats. the record is limited to 300 copies. the best thing– it only costs $20, which in my opinion is pretty cheap nowadays. also, they are offering a tru comers t-shirt.

again, i'm honored to bless my readers with full tracks– big up for that! and, you know me... i have 1 FREE COPY TO GIVE AWAY!

the competition:

to win this you have to download their first remix project, then send an email to cratesofag at hispeed dot ch in which you tell me how many tracks the first tru comers project had (excluding intro and instrumentals). all correct answers will get numbered in the exact same order as i received them. then i will play dice. the first throw will decide how many times i roll the die, and then every run will be added. for example: first throw says 3- then i have to roll the die three times resulting in these numbers: 4 + 2 + 3 = 9. answer number 9 won. this competition ends on 1. august 2009!



how to order:

email to:

1 t-shirt: $30

1 record: $20

versand schweiz: 10CHF

shipping europe: $12

shipping overseas $14

insurance: + 1.50CHF / + $6

special thanks to the tru comers! don't sleep and get your own copy!



Fresh said...

That alps cru remix is where its at!

Hightower said...

Yo Akkut, Sperrow & X-Pert. Definitely a sucessful wax. @Sperrow: thanx for the copie!Pz

Brain said...

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Anonymous said...

the dsyfunk fam rmx is mad dope.. just ordered my 2 copies :), tobi aka dj skeletor

fresh said...

whats the above post instrumental???

Anonymous said...

it's the dysfunkshunal intstru


Anonymous said...

nice piece of wax guys!
dope remixes ,thanx!!

spitler said...

i like the alps cru remix a lot, the other two are kinda meh, but thats me and my picky opinions.. my beef is 20$ a copy just don't cut it as far as i'm concerned... no offense intended but two no name producers charging that for essentially a 12" is doomed to fail.. price it like 12"'s should be priced and im sure you'd sell more. i know i would cop it if it were priced reasonably/right.. and i can't believe they're just going to break even if they sell all their copies.. the math doesnt add up.. it surely does not cost $6k to press up 300 copies of a record

spitler said...

err.. i meant the freestyle professors remix, not the alps cru.. nice use of wild thing

Anonymous said...

Thx yalll for the comments!

Spitler: Thx for your feedback! I just have to say that we had to pay way more than just the recordpressing itself... For example the mastering! think about it...We dont make any profit... Believe me...


spitler said...

how is that any different than any other 12" i find at the stores? they all have to pay for mixing and mastering as well, and they only charge 5$ USD $10 CDN (dunno what its like over in Europe) for a 12" single.. and they have all the same costs as you.. so again, maybe i'm not getting the math, mayhaps you can break it down for me? again, i do enjoy the record and would pay for it if it were a typical priced 12" but in this economy, i can't justify paying that much for a single.. sorry

Ho1ogramz said...

Received my free copy the other day as the competition winner. Dope remixes fellas. My favorite has to be the Dysfunkshunal Familee's Work It Out remake. Big ups to the Tru Comers!

Crates of AG said...

spitler, i see your point. nevertheless, in switzerland new records in recordshops always cost between $15 and $18.


spitler said...

fair enough al.. but again, i'm assuming the majority of these records are being shipped from north america, which adds a fairly hefty shipping price that has to be incorporated into the price.. i could turn around and say.. fair enough, 20$ sounds fine by me at that point, but in actuality, it would cost me 34$ for that record because of the shipping cost. so again, im not sure their math is right, i'd like to hear a breakdown from them.