Sunday, December 06, 2009


what's up fam, it has been a while!
today i want to inform you about two things.

Ill Distracxion Reissue

after the ill distracxion special back in june, pliz wrote several messages in the comments section about a reissue they would do. there was also a paypal-button on his myspace page involved. some people already paid and did not hear any news afterwards. i received emails concerning this problem on a daily basis. i fully understood, i mean, i hosted those promises on my page. but after several emails with pliz a few months ago, i never got confirmation of a pressing or release date. also, my last emails never got answered. so, i just wanted to tell you guys that i'm officially taking my hands off this whole project. don't get me wrong- i'd love to see the promised 12" happen, but i just can't take the responsibility for this for my readers. but please keep me informed, if there is a movement in the process.

Still Another 1-4-U-2-N-V Reissue

for all the heads out there, who are not only listening to good mid 90ies joints- poison ladd slr & beats in general, who just returned back in the game a few months ago with the unreleased 100x lp, will bring you another great project- a new limited edition collectors vinyl including (1987) rock the 808/ i need juanita, 12 inch / (1991) another 1-4-U-2-N-V, ep / (1985) rockwell live freestyle, ft d.j. speedy jay / (1993) i put you to rest 12 inch / frank white/ stand up!

click here for more information or visit!



Anonymous said...

yeah me too!
i also wonder when the
ill distracxion 12" will
comin out.
i like to see classic 12"
becoming reissued and
make it collectable for normal buyers
but i dont like the prices!!!!!!!

verge said...
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Anonymous said...

seems like he tricked some rich kids, eh? a real criminal action. thats what i call hip hop. haha!

verge said...
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verge said...
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handjob said...

i was about to order 3 copies when the paypal link failed.. tried like 2-3 times again but didn't work.. some higher force obviously has an eye on me.. lol

CatchnWrek said...

Pliz logged onto his myspace account today, yet he can't even spare a few secs to come here with any updates or just to straighten shit up? Weak. Prob used all that pre-order money to fund his little clothing line, lol. I didn't pre-order anything (had my suspicions) but I feel for those who did. Can't trust anyone these days, can you...

verge said...

smh. This is type foul on Pliz's behalf.
I hope if anyone's as pissed as I am
about getting beat for this, they don't blame Crates Of Ag.
Not his fault.

Bring them vinyls, pliz, or start sending some paypal dough back.
OR at least let the customer know what's going on, cool breez.
I'm deleting my previous comments because I was heated at the time and it was out of character.

Thanks for that info, CatchnWrek.

Crates of AG said...

no worries verge, i understand your situation.

have you guys never tried filling a claim with paypal?

Anonymous said...

what the fuck ?! we screwed?! fuckin hell that,s not cool yo..
someone claim theyre money back via paypal already ?

verge said...

If Al doesn't mind, I want to throw this out there for the others besides me who got their money took by Pliz.

From mostly everywhere I've heard, it's not easy for a buyer to win a Paypal dispute. Not always, but usually.

So, this is what I propose:
If we get together a list of all of our names or emails or paypal adds, we would have a much better chance at getting the win and our money back.

I offer to everyone who has lost there money from this deal, send me an email, and we can all figure our way along from there.
I have nothing to gain, and am easily reached. My real name and address are out there and I think I have a fairly good reputation on the internet. I don't think we have anything to lose here.

So, if you're down to get your money back, send me an email, and we'll make this happen. We can't let someone get over on us like this. NOt to throw an old cliche out there, but if you don't stand for something, you fall for everything.

Here's my email:

And don't be embarrassed that you got beat or anything like that. It happens. And I promise to not tell anybody else the names of who decide to move forward with me, as a team effort, in this. And my word is more than important to me.

Let me know. Stand UP!

Andrew said...

It's very, very easy for a buyer to win a Paypal dispute. Basically, if the seller can't provide tracked proof of postage, you'll win. This is why I don't send records to france untracked anymore, as their postal service is terrible and I get paypal chargebacks on the regular!

AC The PD and The Real Djs Crew said...

I finally got this link shit figured out on the blog skit and linked you @ ...