Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[remixes] noyland / germany

okay, i received a mail from this guy called noyland from cologne/köln. he gave me a link to a few remixes he did last year. i checked them out and what happened was amazing. i was frozen in front of my computer for the next two days. i had to find out that i gave up on german rap too early a few years back. with noyland aka noy riches there is a whole record label called entourage with artists such as huss und hodn, stef der crashtest, o-flow, sylabil spill, veedelstar...

almighty google told me they already had over 100 tracks! so guess what i've been listening to the last few days.

unfortunately noyland never replied to my mail. i guess they are on tour. anyway, make sure you check them all out in case you didn't already.

1. redman – can´t wait (noyland remix)
2. big l – on the mic (noyland remix)
3. pudgee – checkin´out the avenue (noyland remix)
4. funkmaster flex – wu tang cream team line up (noyland remix)
5. big l – flamboyant (noyland remix)
6. house of pain – on point (noyland remix)
7. capone ´n´ noreaga – top of new york (noyland remix)

i'm listening to the pudgee remix every day- but all of them are dope! please check out these two dope videos as well (even if you don't understand german)!

noy riches ft. kurt hustle & stef - drauf geschissen

stef der crashtest - einer für alle

my last words: big up to noyland for getting in touch with me. i can't believe i slept on you guys. i'm a big fan now! please return with similar remixes anytime!



serch4beatz said...

hahah dammmmmmmnnn your blog is famous lol
noyland is really dope i dig all his productions

Anonymous said...

i'm from cologne too. ;)
entourage crew; they are doin
good music its def. not wack.
but anyway i don't like them.
i'm no hater ;)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion somme of the best german hip hop I heard in a long time. Really dope!!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!! Make sure to chack out Huss & Hodn too:

Don said...

hooded dudes look like the german wu-tang clan!

Crazy Hot Tracks

Anonymous said...

The guys from ENTOURAGE really make dope musik! Defenetly chack tham out if you haven't already! For example: Hulk Hoden. He makes really nice beats and remixes too:

Anonymous said...

funny thing, 3 days before this post, i bought 2 copies of noy's ep :) he has great beats for 2k shit. huss n hodn - radiowecker is also a bomb !!! i slept on them too ;)

pace, tobi

rolfzuercher said...

the CNN and Pudgee rmxs are the best cuts IMO....thanx 4 sharin!

Alkuttraz said...

i'm glad to see some comments here! i'm still paralyzed...


Newspitter said...

Germany Hip Hop dope am from American and i enjoy their music...

Looking for interesting blog to read??

You want to know what else happening in the word??

ecks-bogota said...

a shame i cant get shit of what they spittin....but still dope styles and crazy ass beats!!