Thursday, March 25, 2010

[remixes] emelvi / spain

the wave of remixes continues!

mad props for my man emelvi from spain for reaching out this time. he comes with six classic remixes. i feel all of them- i really like the vibe overall. my winners are lost the boyz and gravediggaz remixes. i listened to them a lot!

"I'm from Spain and I make my music with crate stuff. nothing more, let the music speak for itself! Thanks a lot and much Respect from Spain!


1. the beatnuts - props over here (emelvi remix)
2. gravediggaz - 1-800 suicide (emelvi remix)
3. jamal - fades em all (emelvi remix)
4. the lost boyz & pete rock - the yearn (emelvi remix)
5. large professor - amaman (emelvi remix)
6. lords of the underground - tic toc (emelvi remix)

thanks man- come back with more!



Anonymous said...


CrimeFamily said...

damn, those remixes are dope, thanks for the post, peace

Anonymous said...

nice vibes, really feelin this ize

kayn said...

dope remixes, fades em all is the bOmb!!

fresh said...

shit is fresh. Keep it boom bap!

verge said...

I definitely dig these ones. As much as I hate to say it, Emelvi's version of Large Pro Amaman is better than mine:)

Anonymous said...

yo, very nice and quality like remixes right here !! sounds straight like outta the 90s !! props, dj skeletor

rap music said...

I can dig it... nice blog.

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