Sunday, May 16, 2010

coming soon

swiss made remixes


Anonymous said...

Nice remix, thanks!
Is it possible to share L.F.Fam's 12"?

fresh said...

damn this is fresh

Anonymous said...


you can get the lf fam rip here:

serch4beatz said...

hahaha nice one

tape maniak said...

Hahahahah nice LF FAM rip, p

yu are just crazy.

CatchnWrek said...

Dope one! Can't wait to hear the rest. =]

verge said...

Dope remix.
Honestly, I would have said nah, don't remix that. Cause the lyrics aren't top notch and the beat already is.
But this is sounding beautiful so far.
Can't wait to hear the full remixes!

And, uhh, anonymous 2, that was some straight up fag shit.