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mc googly / poison ladd s.l.r. 2x12"



Mc Googly – Aka – William Daniels ("The Public Enemy Of Philly") born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. (North Philly) in 1967, moved to The logan section of Philadelphia in 1980, where he first witnessed hip hop at its finest. We’re talking 2 Turntables and a microphone. Well known Dj’s like Disco Rat, Disco Poo Sex Machine, would be off the hook with performances, with rappers, and rap groups. 
His study of the rap game had him rapping at the early age of 13 sounding just as good as the older rappers. In 1983 he met Ronald Potts known then as Mc Rockwell (aka) Poison Ladd at Olney Highschool in Philadelphia where the challenge each other to take there skills to the next level. Shortly after, they met Wayne Rhoads know then as Big which they later named Extortionist B (aka) Beats In General and they formed a group (Boys Of Doom) they produced a sound that still today is ringing in the public ear. They were considered one of the hottest groups in philly at that time, but still no shine in 1984. 
In 1987 the Boys Of Doom had to part due to Mc Googly’s incarceration which he did a 2 year sentence. His incarceration helped him perfect his rap skills, Mc Googly returned to the group B.O.D. in 1989 and recorded several solo songs but violated his parole and returned right back to prison until 1992. By then B.O.D. was no more, and Ronald Potts, & Wayne Rhoads became Poison Ladd S.L.R. – Beats In General., so Mc Googly moved on as a solo artist recording various hip hop songs throughout the 90’s. We hope you enjoy the many lost treasures of Mc Googly, One of the illest Mc’s of philly.

 MC Googly / Beats In General "Ghetto Soldiers" 12" Ep 

SIDE A: (80's)

1. Kick'n It (1989)
2. They Got Me (interlude)
3. Ghetto Soldiers (1989)

SIDE B: (90's)

1. All Day (1994) (Intro)
2. Timbre Timbre (1996)
3. The Situation Is Fuck'd Up (1995)

Poison Ladd S.L.R. / Beats In General "Black Pussy" b/w "Red Wagon" 12" Single 


1. Black Pussy (1994)
2. (Bonus) Yo Yo Yo Verse


1. Red Wagon (1993)
2. Red Wagon (1993)(Instrumental Mix)

Returning with another limited 300 press Solid Ground Records brings you more classic hip hop from the archives of Beats In General. This release features a lost member of the crew Mc Googly “The Public Enemy of Philly”. This Ep features never released songs recorded 1989, 1994, 1995 & 1997. “Ghetto Soldiers” the Ep title track was the first song recorded under the OTR record label in 1989. That year Mc Googly was incarcerated and the record was never released. Added to this package is another classic unreleased 12” single, Black Pussy 1994 / Red Wagon 1993 & bonus verse Yo - Yo - Yo! “Black Pussy ” is Poison Ladd's view of the explicit encounters of a promiscous black woman. Deemed way too expicit for the mainstream, this song was also never released.

These two 12“s come together as a package which is limited to 300 for $55.00 plus shipping & handling. First 40 who pre-order $45.00 plus shipping. They will not be sold seperately. Ordering details below.





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