Wednesday, December 22, 2010

poison ladd s.l.r. x beats in general - rebel music 12" ep ['92-'96]

already got all your christmas gifts? well, here's some new heat from the solid ground fam:

Finishing off the year 2010, Poison Ladd S.L.R. – Beats In General return with another vintage 12” Ep of un-released songs recorded between 1992-1996. These recordings was pulled from the countless Dat tapes from Beats In General’s archives. REBEL MUSIC includes “All The Hits & More” (1992) a song about a drug addicts addiction to crack & cocaine, “No Fast Food Job” which details the harsh realities of working at a places like mc donald's in 1993, Cypress Hill inspired “One On Da Shelf” (1993) speaks about dealing with untrust worthy people in the hood, & “Bourbon & Bullets” (1996) story telling at its best which includes names of brand liquors & cigarettes.  

Side A

All The Hits & More (1992)

No Fast Food Job (1993)

Side B

One On Da Shelf (1993)

Bourbon & Bullets (1996)

This release is Limited to 300 copies and costs $39.99 (USA) or $49.99 (INTERNATIONAL) incl. Shipping. Now available for pre-order at:

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