Sunday, May 15, 2011

[remixes] frankensteeno and georgy whistler pt.2

it's the return of frankensteeno and georgy whistler! i'm sure a lot of you guys remember their debut remix packages. in case you missed them– check the archives! this time they teamed up together and bless us with 16 tracks!


1. Intro (Georgy)
2. Funkmaster Flex - Wu-Tang Cream Team Line-Up (Georgy)
3. Kool G Rap feat. Nas - Fast Life (Franky)
4. Double L - Peeps In The Ground (Georgy)
5. Saukrates - Father Time (Georgy)
6. L-Swift - Daydreaming (Franky)
7. Derelect Camp - Love Or Fame (Georgy)
8. Big Twan - Hellgate Rebel (Franky)
9. Nas - The Setup (Franky)
10. Kool G Rap-Real_Life (Franky)
11. A-Plus - All I See (Franky)
12. X-Perado - Paradox (Georgy)
13. Corrupt Empire - Jersey Get Yours (Franky)
14. Biggie Smalls - Suicidal Thoughts (Franky)
15. T-Max - Relax Your Mind (Georgy)
16. Outro (Franky)

big up to georgy & franky. once again, this is heat! what's your joint? you'll find two of my favorites below.

l-swift - daydreaming [frankensteeno remix]

double l - peeps in the ground [georgy whistler remix]



verge said...

Diggin the early 80's sounding vibe so far. I like how yall flipped that B____e M____n track that Myndcrukz had used, for that G Rap remix. Dope!

verge said...

also really diggin the Hellgate Rebel, Daydreamin, Peeps In The Ground remixes and the filtering on the Fast Life remix is banananas!!

Anonymous said...

peeps in the ground kills it!

Anonymous said...

im dyin for that peeps in da ground joint!!!

fresh said...

some dope joints on this. great work fellas

georgy whizzler said...

thank you all for the appreciation!
its very valuable for me to hear that you like those remixes, so i will get it on doin beats more and more!tryin to improve the quali of that peeps in da ground remix for you...peace

Anonymous said...

Really really dope!! Like your last Remixes where too!!
Franky & Georgy you should bring out some of your remixes on vinyl! I'm sure alot of us would appreciate this!!

Anonymous said...

Amazin'!Definitely one of the best Remix-Collabo out there!I really got no favs 'cause every track is different and they all got an own vibe. Some smooth some deep but each one a killer!!
Thank you guys for keep on doin what you're doin.
And thanks AL for puttin all this dope stuff on your site.

fridge said...

mad props! dope compilation. very nice project... hope to hear more soon. thanks 4 good music.

DaDon said...

Wow best album in a while! DOPE!

Anonymous said...

damn hot remixes!!! keep on doin it!