Saturday, August 17, 2013

deviants of modern society 2LP

second release is the return of d.o.m.s. aka deviants of modern society!

still one of switzerlands most outstanding independent rap groups, d.o.m.s. return with their 2lp pre-order on sergent records. zaid, rawger faderah & mpa drums come correct. lyrics are on point, production is tight, and the beats amazing. and hey, if you don't speak swiss german, there is ran reed on there too. on top, you'll get all instrumentals as well!

make sure to peep the snippets:

excellent release my friends. keep up the good work! 



Anonymous said...

Too bad that they've chosen the biggest bootlegger label to release this, i dont want to support that guy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you domlocc

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