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i don't know much about this group. i have two records; one is their debut ep from '96 on amenta rkrds and the other one is an ep on the same label from '97 with tracks by various artists incl. one new c4 joint. all c4 tracks are produced by c4 and jiggy joe aka joe nightmen. the label is based in georgia, but i'm not sure if that applies for the artists as well.

let me know if you got more background info or have seen more releases on amenta.

C4 EP '96

5. C4






Anonymous said...

C4 C4 - emcees
"The Bomb Has Been Set and Heads Better Tighten Up Or Evacuate The Scene, Cause Sh*ts About To Blow!" Out of the Far East of New York, Nassau County, Lord's Island (Long Island), manifest the C4 Unit. C4 is composed of two compounds (groups); Rush N' Rule It and LRDS I. The Unit is, "made up of bomb makers, detenators, interegators, given you 5001 flavors." (L Banga, "StikUp") In the lab you have C-How Medda, the Ignitor, know as the spark that sets all situations off like the Big Bang. Then you have AktUp, the Generator, keeping the front line moving against all odds. Next up is Jiggy Joe (a/k/a JOE KNIGHTMEN), the Madd Scientist, who twist sounds in the lab and give them life in a musical landscape. Finally there is L Banga , the Chemist, who takes all of the C4 elements then combines them and hits you verbaly with and invisible force. No question, C4 represents the four prime elements of Hip Hop. The C4 Unit proclaims to be born into Hip Hop. AktUp elaborates by saying, "our energies re entered the earth during the years 1972 and 1973. Those are the formative years of Hip Hop and our energies metaphysically added to the growth of the sub culture." At very young ages these brothers entered into the Mystery Schools of Hip Hop to obtain their degrees in the schools of Graffiti, Breakdance, and DJ techniques. When all was said and done the Master Degree was Obtained in the Emcee field. "C4 most definetly will come with the lyrics," says Jiggy Joe. The C4 Unit is a self produced entity with Jiggy Joe as the head "Sound Scientist". The tracks are comparable to the weather bringing; rain, hail, snow, wind and earthquakes. The judgement is declared by the tracks and the justice is served by the lyrics. When you hear a C4 record it nothing short of experiencing a force of nature. C4 produces futuristic music. "Some joints we have to hold back because its ahead of its time . . . ya'll are rockin' to joints that are 3 to 4 years old and it's still bangin'," says Moe Black, C4's road manager. You can catch C4 rockin' shows all up and down the East and they're looking to expand the live terror nationaly and internationaly. Career highlights have included performances with Nas, Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes and many more. C4 was the Source Magazines Unsigned Hype in the February 1996 issue. They were described in that piece as being the "next level of Hip Hop elevation." The group put out a Maxi single in 1997 titled the, No Doze Project on Amenta RKRDS, distributed by Big Daddy Distribution. It sold several thousand copies world wide. Since then the group has continue to work on an up and coming album and individual projects. C-How Medda and Jiggy Joe have work with Jazz legend Donald Bird on a Hip Hop/Jazz song that will appear on Bird's up and coming project. C-how Medda continues to rip New York City underground show cases with his mind blazing freestyles. Look for a solo project coming from him Summer 1999 and new acts through his management, 40 Bandit Entertainment. Jiggy Joe has started Joe Knightmen Production and continues to expand his sound in R & B, Spoken Word, and ofcourse Hip Hop. Look for a compilation album of all his artist coming fall 1999. AktUp and his business partner Eric Walton have given birth to Amenta RKRDS. they have released several 12" single, The No Doze Project and The Journey Makers featuring Jahada, Darkman, Rush N' Rule It and C4. Coming this summer of 1999 you can peep the Aktivism - Pre Ejaculation. This is AktUp solo release that will feature several unreleased C4 cuts. L Banga the enigma has been spoted at upscale Manhattan gyms schooling cats on the ball court and negotiating business deals in the bleachers with industry big wigs. Rumor has it that he is working on the highly anticipated Solo project with Jiggy Joe that we've all been waiting for. Trust me if this is true then it will be worth the wait. "We're coming in to knock brothers off of they blocks and take they customers," says C-How Medda. As countdown to the year 2000, C4 becomes theh closiing of musical era known as Hip Hop. C-How Medda, AktUp, Jiggy Joe and L Banga are the Four Corner of what shall be knowas the Final Dynasty. This is the last true keepers of the Art that will be formerly known as Hip Hop. Through there music they will reteach and reach the Universe.

Crates of AG said...

dope! thanks a lot!

Plexxxx said...

Hell yeah. I picked the C4 record up when it came out and for a long time I thought I was the only one who knew about it. The last response looks like it has info from like '98-99 so who knows who those cats actually went on to do but they were dope. Didn't know about the Amenta sampler so good lookin' out on that. Chow-Medda spits on the Hyenas In The Desert track "Can You Feel It Pt. 2 (Worldwide)" which is one of the B-Sides of the "Can You Feel It" single if you didn't know.

Crates of AG said...

yo plexxxx,

i didn't know about the featuring on the hyenas in the desert 12". thanks for the info!

Plexxxx said...

Yeah I can rip that Hyenas stuff for you no problem if you need it.

serch4beatz said...

i hate to say this but.. shit is mad overrated :D
but yo to everyone his own opinion

Andy said...

c4 stuff is very nice! @ anonymous: informative story..

Crates of AG said...


sure man, i'd love to have a rip of that.


I'm Stylin On U said...

Wow I'm the artist formerly known as AktUp from C4. LOL!! It's interested to find this online about my old group.

We were in the Source unsigned hype Feb 96 and did the whole Lyricist Lounge thing.

I put the 12inch out because all I wanted to start a record company and that's what I thought you did. LOL!!!

Most of the guys in C4 no longer rap. I now go by the name of Big Tah and I manage an Artist by the name of Stanza ( The only other person in C4 that's still doing music is Chow Medda who now goes by the name of Nat Turner (

Anonymous said...

^ Haha word. Here's that Unsigned Hype article:

Some more I've compiled a while back via Peace to Vincent Lopez.

Crates of AG said...

what's up aktup! good to see you in here! thanks a lot for the update on c4. did you guys put more records out on amenta or any other record label?

and hannah, that scan is super dope!! thanks a mil!


Jac-pot said...
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Jac-pot said...

This is so crazy that I don't even have copies of these joints. Ag how much are they going for? That C4 joint No doubt I was featured on we actually recorded this joint in the spring of 95. This was the first known callabo of New York artist with an artist from North Carolina.... But i definetely need a copy of that 97 sampler, that JourneyMakers was something different for the people. thats the Harlem Cakalak connection......