Tuesday, July 31, 2007

crates of ag (the series)- volume 3

yeah! another lost mix from your number one dj...hahaha..this one is 53mins strong and was mixed in '05 too . you know how it goes- use the comments section to build up a tracklist!


1. arka (supersci) intro
2. superscientifiku feat. kashal-tee- flip fast
3. the chamba- korrupted
4. cipher feat. natural skills- how it go
5. stezo- time to blow ya mind
6. blue black- bon vi (the good life) street mix
7. optical- home grown with the anna
8. baby phinsta- collisions
9. jay nice feat. mr. shane- mars
10. the sound chapter 1- action for real
11. science of sound- ?
12. orfinz- straight from da orfinage
13. black moon- how many mc's remix
14. s.o.p.- aw yeah




serch4beatz said...

i only rekonize bon vi - the good life in there lol

rag said...

thanks for posting this mix, I really liked every track a lot but I never heard any of them before. all I can say is the emcee on the track playing @ 7-8 minutes into the mix sounds like the guy from e.n.e.m.y mindz, if that helps anyone...peace

Anonymous said...

1. Superscientifiku
2. ?
3. Cipher
4. Stezo
5. Blue Black
6. ?
7. Baby Finsta
8. skit
9. Jay Nice/Mr. Shane
10. UG & ? (from the Chapter ep i believe)
11. Scienz Of Sound
12. Orfinz
13. Black Moon - how many.. remix
14. ? (no idea but i think i've heard the name Shawn Black..)

Anonymous said...

2.Tha Chamba
6.Optical The Visionary I think
14.Smoked Out Productions(black attack solo)

Crates of AG said...

well done guys..but show me some id's..you deserve some props.


Anonymous said...

"Aw Yeah"

Anonymous said...

deja vu et encore deja vu

Anonymous said...

Großartiges Mixtape Undergroundhiphop vom allerfeinsten

Grüße aus Strasbourg/Kehl von Chris

Check out on Wednesday 15th RBS 91.9FM Bad Underground 18 till 22h with DJ Calhoun and Chris www.radiorbs.com

Crates of AG said...

danke dir chris!

grantp.net said...

this mix is the SHIT. great job!