Monday, July 23, 2007

darcsyde pt.2

here we go again...

after my darcsyde post last april, i had to find out that there was another record from '98 i had never seen before. the 12", released on black hand entertainment, features two tracks. while you can forget about "what!", the b-side guards the cream right here! "pretender" somehow hit my taste since i first played it. i think this is one of their best tracks.

DARCSYDE 12" '98

1. WHAT!




Anonymous said...

I did not know that Black Hand records been there since 98. I know them from the dope rapper called Grafh. It was formed by infamous drug dealer Chazz Williams who also managed 50 cent early in his carreer. They are based in Queens. I wonder if they have more records under that label!

Anonymous said...

got that record too.. itz really all about the b-side track,, no doubt !!
peace, Tobi

ral278 said...

never heard that "pretender" track but that's a dope one for sure!

nawledge said...

This has NOTHING to do with Darcsyde, just wanted some people to see it. Check This:
With 4 DAYS left it's already at that price. JESUS.

Anonymous said...

This iS doc from the official darcsyde we are still around we ran into industry red tape but were cool now. an @ kayn that wacky sound is knick knack a remake of the classic epmd song with k-solo if you wanna know about us check us on check our videos out to....

Crates of AG said...

what up doc!

great to see you in this space!