Thursday, December 06, 2007


what up folks! as promised i'm back with some freshnessss!

first of all- thanks for all the positive feedback over the last two years, let's see how far we can get. please do not just consume...contribute!

to start off the new season, i have chosen a record from the early nineties. it's gemini from nyc (jamaica queens i believe). i have to admit, lately i've been having some problems with background stories. same goes for this 12". all i can say that the "super g" single comes with the original mix and a remix by k swift. it had been released in '94 on pauls place entertainment.

i can not decide which version i prefer. right now i stick more to the rugged original version, which by the way is produced by gemini himself.

oh yeah, this has nothing to do with jemini da gifted one by the way.

GEMINI 12" '94




serch4beatz said...

like the original version also better

hokidoki2 said...

ah je vois que ta changé la déco du blog ;) c'est cool

Splifkin said...


May I please have an invite if you go private...?

A.C. The P.D. Radio

serch4beatz said...

i think the blog is in "Invite mode" when he modifies the design

Booxbowm said...
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Booxbowm said...

Hrhr...the new blog banner is awesome..lmao

Ralven said...


nice to see you back and glad that ya aint going private.
You said it took a month to get connected to the Internet again. In Germany there is the magenta Giant (T-Kom). It took em 3 to 6 month sometimes, so I think your provider was really fast and there is nothing to moan about. ;)
btw who has shirt? the guy in the banner? I have no diggicam, so there was no possibility to subscribe the contest. Nice idea btw.
Allright, greetz to Switzerland.

pz, Ralven

Ern said...

Thanks and it's great to see ya back in action.
I have to say, I enjoy the K-swift version.

Jay-Z said...

@ei see thee pee dee I m trying man...I m trying

Goodmusic AG

jasi said...

nice to see you back man!
you ask for contribution.. how can i help?
keep up man, props

SPeK_0NeR said...

Glad to see another dope vynill up ;] If ya ever decide to go Pri. let a homie know!! Y00000 when's Crate's of AG Vol. 5 Gonna drop!?!? i'm diein for the next one D

Crates of AG said...

by contribution i mean comments regarding other 12" by the posted artists, or background info, personal feelings, etc.

and spek_0ner, you got it right, vol. 5 is dropping pretty pretty pretty soon!


chase said...

thanks for this... yeah man like others i was getting scared... it be a shame to lose all these gems

Anonymous said...

good hiphop

Anonymous said...

I prefer the K-Swift Remix. Thank you very much Akutt :)

(The Zshare link is broken but not the Rapidshare one)