Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry x-mix

merry x-mix crates of ag fam. i just had some prosecco's and started mixing..the result is a gift for my supporters. 42mins strong, enjoy!



1. true bash- two bad brovas
2. danja mowf- jack & da weedstalk
3. mytee g poetic- listen to the lyrics
4. the crash crew - champagne flights
5. lonnie o - it's lik dat
6. big o- shmoov wit da ruffness (ruff mix)
7. ec illa- ill is
8. eclips, bless, m-slash, lyrical & evik- the beginning
9. kashal-tee- blood, sweat & beers
10. labtekwon-wasteland
11. cappo - i stay the same


MaDKid said...


serch4beatz said...

mad dope tracks on this one

serch4beatz said...

tracklist anyone? I dont know 1 track lol

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the mix al! Love that blood ,sweat & beers track. Happy holidays!

peace fleyva

$Té, HokiDoki2 said...

There is "Big O - Shmoov wit da rufness"

top-notch-records said...

Merry X-Mas !!!
Time to make my debut on this blog i think !!!
Had a short listening to the mix and heard a few tracks from Danja Mowf, Mytee G. Poetic, Kashal Tee & E.C. Illa (i think) & Blu Rum 13 (?) !!!

Please make sure to check out my Exlusive X-Mas Special too peeps:



kayn said...

oh yeah, that ec illa track is a killer!! i also heard true bash and the union.
thanks & merry xmas to yall

Ralven said...

Thx alot. Will check it out soon. Merry X-Mas Al.

Anonymous said...

please post a tracklist, merry x-mas!

Anonymous said...

whats the name of the ec.illa track ? on which vinyl is it ?

pace tobi,

nice tracks aless...

Anonymous said...

found the ec illa track..but on which vinyl is it ?? .. you pressed it on vinyl, al ??

hmmm...? holla at me, bro

Diaz said...

Yo great mix man I got a couple of these tracks posted my blog a few days ago


thanks for the christmas mix

Chill said...

Hey..merci pour ce Mix..!!
Et Joyeux Noel..!

Crates of AG said...

welcome top-notch. finally the explanation mark invasion found its way over here.

tobi, the ec illa is on a 12".


Anonymous said...

only found the CD release of that 1... damn ;)


pottytoddy@gmail.com said...

This site has been repping for a while now props!!! Check my site www.classicradiorips.blogspot.com for some dope college radio mixes from the ninties

Anonymous said...

8 is "the beginning" by eclips, m-slash, lyrical & evik


Anonymous said...


dope mixtapes man!

who i become the e-mail adress from alkuttraz? i search hours man, but i don't find it...


Crates of AG said...

uprock you're right!

address for alkuttraz is cratesofag at hispeed.ch

Anonymous said...


thanks man

i send a mail to you


SPeK_0NeR said...

gotta add this one to da archive. Dope ish as always. Peace & Respect for '08

Isako said...

Can i know all the artist from the Merry X-Mix compilation pleaseee... cause i'm trying to find one song and i don't know who is...thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Labtekwon-Wasteland is track 10

Anonymous said...

4. The Crash Crew - Champagne Flights
5. Lonnie O - It's Lik Dat

Last track has me stumped. I'm not familiar with a lot of UK hip-hop unfortunately. Haha, nice singing btw... =]

Crates of AG said...

well done!! 1 more left!

Anonymous said...

11. Cappo - I Stay The Same

Anonymous said...

yo e.c. track
correct is "ill is"
is on "live from the ill ep" 94'
but i also didnt know
that it exist on vinyl?!

Crates of AG said...


after two years ;o)


Anonymous said...

Finally!!!!! I've been trying to find that last track forever