Tuesday, June 10, 2008

phase III

i have been trying to do a new official mixtape for about seven years now. my last plan three years ago was a tape called "phase 3", which should follow "mind occupation" and "a limited infinity". yeah, it was indeed only a plan...but i recorded a first part in '05/'06 and i came here today to share with you this slightly optimized mix. i hope y'all like the rugged stuff!

43mins of heat and as usual you're responsible for the tracklist.


1. a to z intro (prod. by shuffle jack)
2. controversy- trunka funk (lp version)
3. snoman- money (remix)
4. t-abel cachet- dead dreams
5. finsta interlude
6. finsta- finsta baby
7. the henchmen- what you gonna do
8. olori rock- ruff n tuff
9. gunrunners- consequences
10. halrazzers- death rattle (remix)
11. the hoodz- pull out your gatz
12. money boss players- ghetto chronicle daily
13. freestyle professors- get wise
14. p brothers interlude
15. cappo- cirques des clowns




serch4beatz said...

NICE :D the months of nagging actually did something lol

thanks man hope you're happy someday with a mix so that you're finally gonna put it out ;)

calhoun said...

ifafter the trax wit a like mf doom sample is finsta : finsta baby

calhoun said...

4 finsta : finsta baby
5 the henchmen : what you gonna do
7 gunrunners : consequences
9 the hoodz : pull out my gatz

Anonymous said...

Nice mix as always thanks

Finsta-finsta baby
the henchmen -Rough&Rugged
olori rock- ruff n tuff
gunrunners - consequence



Anonymous said...

Indeed my bad its the henchmen : what you gonna do

Money boss players
freestyles professors -get wise


BYL said...

I'm really anxious to check this out man! You've never disappointed me with any of the mixes you've dropped.

Bless ya life my friend!

Crates of AG said...

well done so far and thanks for the feedback. peace, al

Anonymous said...

"dead dreams" one of the first tracks... t-abel.


broke nice said...

Crazy *sh again!

15: cappo - cirques des clowns

Crates of AG said...

damn, it seems to be too easy...haha

Anonymous said...

3 Snoman - Money

Wut up holmes;)

Ed Catto

calhoun said...

yo al
not so eazy but ya know how it goes
some of the trax already been on tapez like the ones ma man tof aka s-rock has done
but tough sound to find on wax anyway

Anonymous said...

10 Halrazzers - Death Rattle

But what is 2???

Your mixes always kill, A.


Crates of AG said...

hahaha, ed i have to dedicate the snoman to you, you know that!

1 left!



Southpaw said...

super dope AG, need to know what track two is, someone work it out!!! PEACE! Southpaw

Anonymous said...

Controversy - Trunka Funk LP Version is track 2

Alex hustled a homeless man for that record, with a bag of donuts and a crates of ag mixtape



Anonymous said...

HiphopPhilosophy.com Radio loves you and plays your shit...!

Peace peace fam...

Crates of AG said...

damn keith, you ruined my game! hahaha. no seriously, for this one i have to thank YOU!

the tracklist is solved fam, now enjoy!


chris said...

this mix is hot. never heard any of these tracks before. big up

Anonymous said...

is the crew "the henchmen" the one amongst "moongod allah" and "lin brothaz"? or is this a different crew?

this track is iiiiiiiiillllllllll!!

need more of them!! please up!


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AC said...

peace peace fam ... we're back online live daily and right now we're rockin your Phase III mix and loving it! ...

HiphopPhilosophy.com Radio