Monday, June 08, 2009

annexx click exclusive

woohoo, dopeness right here!

dj concrete of the annexx clique fame sent me over this unreleased track called "her, him & him"! silouette, k-mack and mike capone bless the mic. this joint is from 1995 and of course was produced by dj concrete. people this is the raw shit! peep it!

"i am putting an unreleased cd out and i just resigned them and we gonna do it again. it's amazing people are contacting us from distributors and lots of dj's and we want to do it again for our family like you." [dj concrete]


big thanks to dj concrete and the whole annexx click! we want more!!



Anonymous said...

Oh big props my man for sharing this with us and props to dj concrete of course too.
I am a Big fan of Annexx click and love this track.Hope they have more unreleased tracks.


Ho1ogramz said...

Big ups. Looking forward to the cd.

Anonymous said...

great grimey stuff right here..
nice 1 !! ..Tobi

Digital Stimulation (aka Finn Gerbanger) said...

Whoah!!! I think that might be the dopest joint yet from Annexx, that's the rawness right there. Good lookin' out on this...

dochiphop said...

this ish is strait up pure raw dope!! Thanks for sharing this man!!!

fresh said...

major props to you and dj concrete for blessing us wit some flavas.

Funky09 said...

Proooops, the track is fire man. Hope Annexx will come back strong!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Maaaan this track is sick!!!

Hope to see this track one time on vinyl!


ecks-bogota said...

no doubt!!
i hope it is not a ripoff, like most hot shit nowadays.
im not trying to offense nobody here man, but for real, this shit i see nowadays, 100 dollar 2009pressing 12''singles, 500 dollar bids for singles on ebay, i mean...i really dont get it-and i just had to get this off my i repeat, non ofensive thoughts, just freedom of speech

Anonymous said...

this snare is killing me! ultimate fat shit! thanks for this!

peace rawger

Hightower said...

Yo Akutt

I think all this comments moot my comment. Definitely a dopness on wax.

Big up to Dj Concrete.