Friday, June 19, 2009

[remixes] dj skeletor / germany

yes yes y'all, i'm so proud to announce the next chapter of remixes on crates of ag!

this time we have a personal favorite of mine from germany– dj skeletor aka indyvinylz (27). this guy's remixes are mad mad dope and we came here today to bless you with 15(!) re-edited indy tracks. crazy, right!?

"i produce since 10 years i guess..i use musicmaker and fruity loops..low budget ish ;)

all productions have the 90s feeling in it, cause thats what i feel when makin beats. most of my prodcutions are made out of feelings and emotions, so when i was happy and shit, i had other things in mind than makin a new beat. thats why 90% of my beats are mellow, sometimes sad, mystic or real grimey ! not really jazzy and happy stuff in here. i love the grimey and mellow mid 90s flava, so i guess thats why i produce stuff like this.

i make beats and remixes for my own listening pleasure, and to express myself, and maybe for self-made therapy purposes too, hehe. i really hope people can feel, what i felt when i made the beats. thats my main aim!!!! thats the same i do, when listening to a dope record.

these shared remixes are just the tip of the iceberg.
i keep the bombs for later ;) ... maybe for a promo vinyl release, who knows." [dj skeletor]

feedback or contact:

- myspace //
- vinyladdicts forum // indyvinylz


01. street connect - rollin over you (dj skeletor rmx)
02. jed dust - strictly kings and better (dj skeletor's inesse killin' it rmx)
03. royal flush - worldwide (dj skeletor rmx)
04. buc 50 - permanent scars (dj skeletor rmx)
05. all city - metro theme (dj skeletor rmx)
06. chaos - death stalks (dj skeletor rmx)
07. big noyd - recognize & realize (dj skeletor's smalltyme hustle rmx)
08. widow p - danger (dj skeletor rmx)
09. dirty face angels - actin up (dj skeletor rmx)
10. deadly fam - itz a struggle (dj skeletor rmx)
11. skemen - under pressure (dj skeletor rmx)
12. trybal men - down like that (dj skeletor rmx)
13. rugged brood - dwellin in darkness (dj skeletor rmx)
14. now born click - now born soldiers (dj skeletor's partey rmx)
15. (bonus) dutchmin - get your swerve on (skeletor remix)

these are exactly my type of remixes- dark, spherical & moody. everything combined creates a dope ambiance. now, as you can read, it says "sampler vol.1". so please make some heavy noise for skeletor, in order that he'll return with volume 2 soon!!

what's your favorite remix? i have too many here...





Hawkone said...

damn these mixes are mad dope...
thanks for dat stuff, greetz from berlin!!!!

serch4beatz said...

one of the greatest! haha one love for "ich bin skeletor" hehe

Anonymous said...

hella dope... this guy brings back the 90s!! can't wait for more

verge said...

I'm really diggin the 'Worldwide' remix. Them horns are ridiculous!
I also like the dark vibe on most of them. I definitely would have thought these were from the 90's if I didn't know.

Anonymous said...

'Death Stalks' 'Down Like That' and 'Its a Struggle' are my favs.

fresh said...

wow definite 90s flava here. Feelin the vibes no doubt.

Anonymous said...

daaaaamn,coole beats
vorallem 1,2,4,6,11,12,14,15
;) bin auch 27 und höre seit
den letzten 3 jahren nurnoch
wenn dass nur der anfang ist,
bin isch echt auf den rest

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you guys feelin my remixes...thanx for the feedback.
i'm still busy adding some accapellas over a bunch of older beats i did in the past, so that i have some more remixes 4 lata. and i just made a new rmx, wont stop. :)

90s flava 4 eva !!!

one, dj skeletor/indyvinylz

ral278 said...

Tobi that shit is damn tight!!! really like those beats - they bring back that 90s flava, definitely!
keep those rmxs comin, man!

Crates of AG said...

tobi, they love you ;o)

Anonymous said...

Whats the sample used on worldwide?

Anonymous said...

LOL... i really cant say, bro. i got this outta a porn gotta dig ;)

pace, dj skeletor

Crates of AG said...


03. royal flush - worldwide (dj skeletor's porn remix)

serch4beatz said...

the obscure porn sax haha