Saturday, October 10, 2009

alkuttraz - british accent

here's something i wanted to do for some time- a mixtape with uk-tracks only. 42minutes strong. as usual use the comments section for the tracklist. uk-heads where ya at!?


1. krispy - bad 2 worse
2. bone idols & aphletik feat. ty - keep on
3. aspects - vivid
4. kashmere - fanatic
5. kashmere feat. arch co - spittin wid arch
6. unanimous - freshest on the mic (remix)
7. lewis parker - 101 pianos (i've put out the lights)
8. 499 - still waitin
9. mark b & delirious - new skool dean (remix)
10. evil ed feat. jehst - alien
11. lee ramsay feat. tempa - the cold air passes
12. concrete street - lonely




CatchnWrek said...

Dope! I was actually anticipating a UK Mix from you.
Not my specialty, but I can make out these:

Krispy - Bad 2 Worse

Pretty sure the one with the accent in track 2 is Ty...dunno what's the title tho.

Unanimous Decision - Freshest On The Mic (Remix)

Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos (I've Put Out the Lights)

Crates of AG said...

good start there! ty is on track 2, right. but what's the name of the main crew...

skred said...
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Funky09 said...

Thanks!! I've always wanted to do a UK mix also. I've quickly checked in my office and there's a track from Jehst also, I think it's high plains drifter.

Anonymous said...

Dope as usual!!!
Track 2 is:
Bone Idols & Aphletik - Keep On feat. Ty

CatchnWrek said...

^ Nice one Anon. That was kinda bugging me.

2 more:

Mark B & Delirious - New Skool Dean (Remix)

Evil Ed feat. Jehst - Alien

CatchnWrek said...

There's one with Kashmere aka Iguana Man but I'm not sure who the other guy is nor the title. Maybe someone can figure it out. I think that's all for me, haha. Great mix Al, again.

Anonymous said...

499 - still waiting,
nice mix.

serch4beatz said...

lol @ didier "checked my office" haha

Crates of AG said...

thanks for the feedback people! wow, this is going to be solved fast!


Ralven said...

Damn. Nice mix man. Thx for this one!

Esteban said...

fresh n shit

constantdeviant said...

nice mix!

11.RD Stile feat Tempa - the cold air
12. Concrete Street(Kode1)- lonely

Crates of AG said...

excellent! 1 more to go!

// said...

Yeah!! Geile Mix alte!!!

NOZ said...

Track 3 is the Aspects, well it has on of the rappers from the Aspects(Probe Mantis) spitting a verse on there but it could be a feature. never heard it before!

His myspace

Crates of AG said...

...and solved!

good job guys!


Anonymous said...

i am nonstop listening to it..