Saturday, October 17, 2009

[remixes] frankensteeno / germany

it's time for some super dope remixes! again, they come from a beatmaker out of germany called frankensteeno!

"Yo this is Frankensteeno, representing Müllebridge City in the Tri-Country Corn'. I've been making beats for about six or seven years now. I use Musicmaker, Wavelab and sometimes Reason to play a bass or something (shoutout to Skeletor... no expensive shit needed!). These remixes you're about to hear were mostly made between 2004 and 2007 I guess, the Mobb Deep one and McGruff - Exquisite are dated last year and McGruff - Creep is a new beat from august. I'm always lookin for samples that have a nice melody and that shiny feel on 'em, so there ain't no rugged and raw shit on here.

I hope you enjoy my beats, I definitely did while creating them... Feedback's appreciated.

Shoutouts to Georgy Whistler, Terror Volker, DJ Dieter Dirty, DJ Megabrutal, Lyrixxx da Don, MC Tight MC, Ticco, Sone2 and to all those I forgot...


1. femme fatale - 1999
2. children of the corn - american dream
3. mcgruff - exquisite
4. kool g rap - foul cats
5. mobb deep - survival of the fittest
6. o.c. - time's up
7. big l - flamboyant
8. mcgruff - creep
9. big l - bonus track

i have to say- some of these blew me away! the two mcgruff remixes are sick to death! they're playing in an endless loop over here!

now fill the comments section with props. what's your favorite one? frankensteeno, i want more!




Anonymous said...

Sick ass remixes man, thanks for sharing peace..

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

damn...the survival of the fittest remix got me zonin...big up!!!

König_Stieflkater said...

Der Children Of The Corn Remix ist ILL meeeen Jung. GEIL

Anonymous said...

whaddup frankensteeno, dj skeletor here, yo i heard the femme fatale remix back then when you made it, but didnt know who made it, lol. and i listened to that rmx all the time,.. this is a great rmx and way better than the orig. !! the mcgruff - exquisite rmx is also very very nice. times up rmx is also very nice. nice work bro !!

verge said...

Definitely feeling the Femme Fatale Remix.
Good shit, man.

Manuel said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah finaly these remixes are up on your page! Waitin' for them for ages :). It's nice to hear some good ol' Mbridge stuff while sittin' here in Dresden.So Frank as you know i've always been a big fan of your work all i can say is keep on! And send me some new stuff from time time!
Peace Don Endro

Anonymous said...

yo frankensteeno
crazy work! music with soul. mad props! also props to AG for giving people like frankensteeno the chance to rep their work on a quality site.

Baldhead MF`s said...

big up and one t-killah
rock on with all this shit!
eyoo frankee, dope shit you deliverin, keep on comin with it!
mülle bridge for life, even in da exile!!!

lance said...

What is that song on MD-survival.. intro?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad y'all like my shit :)
thanks for the feedback...
Mobb Deep intro is The New Birth - Do It Again from Comin From All Ends

verge said...

I was gonna say I thought I heard a sample that DOOM used in one of those intros.
That's it.
Good shit.

Anonymous said...

one of the dopest shit i heard this year. some are the dopest remixes i ever heard. big PROPZZZ 2 AG and frank keep up!

Anonymous said...

....just thank you sooou damn much for this listenin' plaisure !!

...natürlich au es dicks fetts merci an Al...für de ganz support...all diä müäh etc usw......eifach dä pläsche puur : )

ndkone said...

Pure Dopeness ! !
Peace Frankensteeno !

juancamiloMO said...

yeahh frankensteeno vibrates dopee McGruff - equisite peace !