Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[remixes] georgy whistler / germany

the remixes keep on coming!

our featured package of today comes from my man georgy whistler from germany:

Hey, i'm a 22 years old homeboy from south-germany and have been producin' for 6 years. I started makin beats with music maker and cool edit. now i use cubase and reason, a midi keyboard and i also play guitar over some tracks. i love the 96 shit and listen to a lotta jazz/funk stuff, thats my main influence. I hope you enjoy it!
-Georgy Whistler

thank you very much mister whistler!
my favorites are royal fam, pitch black & non phixion.

georgy whistler - remixed

1. georgy whistler - intro
2. jigmastas- across the globe (georgy whistler remix)
3. royal fam - summin' gotz to give (georgy whistler remix)
4. all knew program - respect (georgy whistler remix)
5. pitch black - show and prove (georgy whistler remix)
6. georgy whistler- interlude
7. house of reps - grey skies (georgy whistler remix)
8. east flatbush project - head to head (georgy whistler remix)
9. true form - tru-form (georgy whistler remix)
10. non phixion - 5 boros remix (georgy whistler remix)
11. j-live ft. wordsworth - bosoms (georgy whistler remix)
12. georgy whistler - chill out relax and puffin blunts in the afternoon outro


Part II (Free Refills) available on Underground Hip Hop Lounge:

Georgy Whistler - Free Refills



coocoo said...

daaaaaaamn man this shit is hot as hell. georgy u da man. music with soul! bless us with some more of that.
mad props


Anonymous said...

Greatness....really like the whole compilation...good job!!! And akutt man, thx for blessin us with this shit..



Anonymous said...

mr. whistler. this is somethin special. i love the whole compilation.
favourites: pitch black, house of reps, east flat bush and non phixion
thanks for representin the good shit.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

mega said...

yo georgy,
you know i love your shit and im happy to see you representin it now. its important to share your music. if nobody would release his music you would not be at this point now. so keep on releasing your music... and i know that there is a lot of more stuff to share. so thank you for all that soulful and good stuff and all the producing sessions we had together.
and to all you out there who feel georgys sound, watch out for the upcoming "artifacts remix". its super dope. i can tell you.
peace mega

baldhead mf said...

hey goergy da whistler,
shit from da heart as ever, thank u very much for this post, keep reppin` müllebridge!!!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to drop a comment. nice looking site, ill def be coming back.

GeorgyWhistlerHimself said...

Thanks for the appreciation i'm happy you like my stuff. And thanks to akutt for hosting my stuff on this blogspot.

If you haven't had enough here are some free refills for you. I'd be happy to see this release on this blogspot, too, so akutt if you want feel free to put this EP on your blogspot.

Hier ist der Link:

Illegallive said...

Part II (Free Refills) available on Underground Hip Hop Lounge:

Georgy Whistler - Free Refills

Alkuttraz said...

thanks for this new link georgy! i'll update the post. people love your remixes. come back anytime!


Anonymous said...

very beautiful, especially the j-live remix - my fav so far. love it. got a whole lotta soul, definitely! downloading my refill!

peace from vienna, lens

ecks-bogota said...

feeling every single track, i'll make sure the man himself get my props!