Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the ruggedn'ess & madd drama pt.2

i'm happy to present you three more clips of ruggedn'ess madd drama live. special thanks to catchnwrek, who's the happy owner of these dvd's! you get "big boyz", "forreal" and a verse by ruggedness we can not really id (sounds familiar though). can anybody help us out here? anyway, me and my squad was already pretty dope- but forreal live...damn!

ruggeddness mad drama - forreal live

ruggeddness mad drama - big boyz live

ruggedness verse live

you can purchase the 2 dvd's at


catchnwrek just informed me that the link i posted to purchase the 2 dvds is selling only the showcase one.

"this is where I purchased my copies and you can find both:

however, you can purchase the showcase dvd for $2.50 less at masterjam. if that's the only one someone wants then i suggest this route, however, it's best to go with filmbaby if you want both to save on shipping, right!"

catchnwrek & akutt


kayn said...

this is so dope, forreeeeal
thanks akutt & catchnwrek

ecks-bogota said...

one of those things, you think is never going to happen.
a must-have that is.
regarding that verse, never heard it in my life and that beat is off the hizzy

Mikey S. said...

these guys were beyond classic.

Anonymous said...

HiP hOP 4 evA!!!

Anonymous said...

DOPE aless !!!
is one dvd a docu and the other one with showcases ??
pace tobi

Alkuttraz said...

yeah tobi, that's what catchnwrek told me.