Thursday, November 25, 2010

[instrumentals] kick back / canada

i have another great instrumental package for you guys today! we're heading over to canada, where kick back blesses us with 12 joints. i found his youtube-channel a while back- and i was amazed by his works!

«I'm a 26 year old Hip Hop Head/producer from Edmonton, Canada. I dig through crates of soul, jazz, funk, and library music, mostly from the 60's and 70's. My style can be hardcore, smooth, and hypnotic. I prefer to put a 90's feel on all my joints, because i grew up listening to boom bap, its the only sound i can relate to. I have such a deep love for Hip Hop, my mind will never be tainted or brainwashed by mainstream music, as i plan on making the same, 90s style beats, for decades to come.


Reggie Noble, Pete Rock, Grap Luva, Nick Wiz, Buckwild, DJ Premier, Guru(RIP), K Def, Damu The Fudgemunk, Easy Mo Bee, Xtra P, Fredro Starr(Onyx), Roc Raida(RIP), Lord Finesse, & Showbiz, The Artifacts, Redman, K Banger, Miilkbone,
Da Youngstas, Illegal, Das EFX, Cella Dwellas, Kardinal Offishall, Cipher, Down 2 Erf, Da Grassroots, MOP, Lost Boyz, Onyx.

What I currently use:

Numark TTUSB (USB Turntable), Audacity, FL Studio 7»

i also have to mention a collabo he made earlier this year with k-banger, which is also dope- particularly for 2010!

k banger - ode to new york (kick back production/2010)

«K Banger is an emcee from New Jersey, who is currently signed to the label 45 Scientific. He was involved with music at an early age, and Hip Hop throughout the 90's. K has been affiliated with Miilkbone and Nick Wiz, as well as Scienz of Life in the past, and present. He was also featured on one of the illest joints from the mid 90's...

 «Dirty Delaney» - Miilkbone ft K Banger (Produced by Nick Wiz)

This is how I found out about K Banger...Although it never made Miilkbone's 95' LP "Da Miilkrate", it was finally released on "Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds vol 1", in 2008. I contacted K Banger on youtube early 2010, and offered up some beats. We've only released one single, "Ode To New York", that was recorded in 2010. We are currently working on a few joints for his upcoming LP in 2011, and an LP of our own for late 2011."

K Banger has 2 previous albums:

Stillborn Lives - released in 2002 through Dirt Department, Inc. &
Truth Be Told -  released in 2007 through Shaman Work Recordings. Both can be purchased online or on iTunes.»


1. BEAT 1
2. BEAT 2
3. BEAT 3
4. BEAT 4
5. BEAT 5
6. BEAT 6
7. BEAT 7
8. BEAT 8
9. BEAT 9
10. BEAT10



kick back instrumentals [teaser]

hey what more can i say. perfect moods to hit the streets. big shout out to my man kick back and k banger. love your stuff and i'd love to see an lp next year!

make sure you check out his youtube channel:

kick back, come back anytime.



Anonymous said...

Incredible shit. I don't know what to say, i hope i'm gonna listen to much of your stuff in the future man, good luck.

fresh said...

Been followin this cat for awhile. His beats are real dope. He's got a good ear for those good samples... gives me chills n shit! word...

Anonymous said...

100% mio gusto
fat sh*t

Anonymous said...

the k banger joint is dooooopee!