Monday, February 07, 2011

[remixes] dj skeletor pt.II / germany

a brand new year to lace brand new remixes! for those who follow crates of ag on facebook might have heard the good news- it's february and we're already packed with LOTS of good shit!

as new as 2011 might be, my man skeletor is no newbie. check out his remix package from '09 in case you missed it!

anyway, i really hope everyone will download this new collection. soul on air vol.2 is an amazing work and has to be spread immediately.

«Skeletorizzy on da set…Here we have a bunch of new and old beats I remixed. Some are fully produced others were just old beats I added a accapella to. A pretty much mixed selection of moods right here... from soulful flava to grimey shit.
I hope you enjoy this selection, of my unorthodox beats. I know I got a special flava… but that’s my style…comment if you like or dislike… that’s my food ya know ;)

Shoutouts to my NoTVraps fam: Skratch my nutz (dj tik), nandee & sick senz…and all my peeps in HH & H-Over diggin my stuff…one love! [dj skeletor]»


01. Inner H-Over Blues (sick girlz intro)
02. Jusone & Hannibal Lecter - Holdin it down (rmx)
03. Corrupt empire - Jersey get yours (rmx)
04. Bee Why - The boros (Alicia's NYC crime rmx)
05. SOP - Styles (grimey as fuck rmx)
06. Raidermen & NE - Magnetic (mystik sphere rmx)
07. Rufus Blaq & Lox - Artifacts of life (cozy rmx)
08. Bee Why - Reality (rmx)
09. Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy (rmx)
10. Tru Bo Experience - Here come the tru bos (fear rmx)
11. X-Perado - Verbal reality (rmx)
12. Rhyme Recka - To my lady (full of soul rmx)
13. T-Max - Relax your mind (soleil rmx)

dj skeletor - soul on air vol.2 [teaser]

smoked out productions - styles [dj skeletor remix]

yeah bro, you've got that special flava, no doubt! come back sooner next time! too many favorites here- but both bee why remixes, sop and raidermen keep me very busy! what's your joint here?? tell us in the comments section!



S4B said...

dope as always! the tru bo and t-max remixes are my favs

PDL said...

the SOP & raidermen joints are ill. good work as always.

Anonymous said...

nice!nice!nice!I love the ---T--- motherfuckin' --Max-- remix!

Anonymous said...

This shit is seriously garbage. Why did he butcher T-Max - Relax Your Mind?

S4B said...

oh look a faceless troll..what a novel idea

Anonymous said...

haven't gone through all the tracks yet but the t-max remix sounds dope to me. way to go with constructive criticism mr. anonymous. keep doing your thing t.

F.I.P. said...

Great remixes man ! Big props. SOP one is very inspire. That's really nice work. And Akutt, did you get my mail a while back, I don't know if you're confortable with live shit but we really want to see you in Paris man. Please, tell what you think about that...

Anonymous said...

yo toby, nice. sop is the ish!
pz ralven

Anonymous said...

thnx for all critics and love... and mr anonymous.. i dont butcher stuff, i just remix them, and it was just an old beat over the accapella.. no grammy shit or so... but even if some peeps feel it, itz worth the effort !! peace, fellaz, dj skeli

mng said...

yo skeli
very nice! cya

Anonymous said...

thnx miss mng !! :) greetz da tik :P

Funky09 said...

Dope shit man! Fuck haterz

Anonymous said...

Yo! A little late, but better late than never.. Really feel the Artifacts of Life remix! Thats my shit... Thanks for this gem Skeletor!