Monday, June 13, 2011

the rebels

we're heading to philadelphia today.

i present to you the rebels with their probably first release on wax on danwill records. this nugget was released in '94 and features two tracks.

later on, they slightly changed their name to the rebelz and had another 12" called «pick it up» in 1996 on yb enterprises.

that's all i have. i feel both tracks!

THE REBELS 12" '1994




Anonymous said...


Hightower said...

Nice post Al! Huh, that are the same rebels(z)? Thx for the background. I agree, both joints are great...As usual top work!

Anonymous said...

This record is definitely great. Thank you very much! Your work is very appreciated!
Best regards, Marian.

Alkuttraz said...

i don't have the '96 record, but both are from philly and the voices sound the same. i'm pretty sure they're the same guys.

CrimeFamily said...

Thanks a lot man, dope record..

juancamiloMO said...

thax dope record

Ern said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Hightower said...

you're probably right. On closer inspection I agree. It seems to be the same cats. I guess at first I was confused by the "female?" voice in the second part of rough & rugged...Yuup Yuup have to keep my eyes open for this gemms. Pz