Sunday, March 04, 2012

alkuttraz - new & limited pt.2 mix

one year passed since the first new & limited mixtape. it's 2012 now and the dope still gets out on wax on a heavy schedule. here's part 2 for your listening pleasure. 72mins.

much love to all the people, who still believe in vinyl. special props to all the new(er) record labels for their effort to provide high quality releases! what's up six2six, chopped herring, goodfelons, dwg, vinyl addicts, dopefolks, ed catto, swc, i-power, no sleep, schlick/subzdantial, blueconcept, dusty vinyl, king underground, slice of spice, black pegasus, comin' tru.....

solve the tracklist and spread this mix like a boss!


1. tru comers - wicked
2. amp boogie - last word
3. godfather don - do my thing
4. hassaan mackey & apollo brown - volume
5. ill distracxion - psychotic nasty
6. fully g - there she goes again remix
7. are em (100x) - belly of hell
8. the midnight eez - childhood memories
9. da henchmen - basket case
10. o.c. feat. page the hand grenade - weak ideas
11. lewis parker - swimming with sharks
12. sparrow - listen (to the rhyme)
13. alps cru - avalanche
14. roc marciano - drama
15. steve colossal - the city that bleeds [debonair p remix]
16. natural elements - i got your heart
17. doc bec - b.m.f. [grant p remix]
18. hulk hodn - ignut oil
19. d-stroy - i aint real
20. l. - ill vs.
21. i-power - true
22. the doppelgangaz - nexium
23. constant deviants - fulton street



F.I.P. said...

Very nice mix !

Godfather Don - Do my Thing
Ill Distracxion - Psycho Nasty
Fully G - There She Goes Again
Da Henchmen - Basket Case
Lewis Parker - Shark
Sparrow - Listen (To The Rythm)
Alps Cru - Avalanche
Roc Marciano - Drama
Natural Elements - I Got Your Heart
Vitamin D - I Ain't Real
I-Power - True
Constant Deviants - Fulton Street

F.I.P. said...

and O.C. & Page The Hand Grenade - "weak ideas", dope !

kayn said...

great mix as usual! and props to all these labels. buying records is fun again

Jamo said...

Track before Godfather Don is Amp Boogie - Last Word.

Alkuttraz said...

well done so far! thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Midnight EEz - Childhood Memories
Steve Colossal - The City That Bleeds Remix
The Doppelgangaz - Nexium
Dope Mix!!!

verge said...

1. Tru Comers - Wicked

verge said...

15. Steve Colossal - The City That Bleeds Remix
like anonymous already said, damn im always a day late on these id mixes, lol. Great mix so far Al!

verge said...

17. Doc Bec - B.M.F. Remix

verge said...

20. L. - Ill Vs.

Pliz said...

Respect! Dope! Cool!

verge said...

7. Are Em (100X) - Belly Of Hell

Debonair P said...

Great mix Akutt, thanks for including the Steve Colossal joint!

juancamiloMO said...

great mix
thax alkuttraz

Alkuttraz said...

that's how i like it. two more to go! thanks for the love.

Anonymous said...

The first is: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Volume
and the second was buggin me the all day... I know i have it on vinyl but I couldn't remember what it was....
Hulk Hoden & Hubert Daviz - Ignut Oil !
Solved!!! ;-)

ecks-bogota said...

It was about that time for a new mix...thanks for the listening pleasure

Oh, and I have to disagree with KAYN, buying the new shit is no fun, it is just ridiculously expensive

Alkuttraz said...

and solved! thanks auri.

ecks i feel you. but compared to the new limited releases a few years back ($100/$150 a pop) prices have come down heavily.

Hightower said...

Deluxe work as usual!

Jaz said...

Superb mix fam

Anonymous said...

please check this out reimixes! from jp.

Pliz said...

Thanks man feeling the support! That's why I won't stop! New music on iTunes ! By Pliz/Psychotic Nasty from the upcoming "MasterBlaster Ep" dope singles! Go cop that now! Tell the peeps! I'm trying to see y'all !

Anonymous said...

kacke is die seite jetz scheisse. wasn kot

Anonymous said...

Könntest du das hochladen?

Diaz said... is back!!! spread the word and you'll be rewarded and let me know if theres any special requests for posts!

Anonymous said...

Yo Duke, are you doing another unlimited mix? This 1 is madd fresh; heavy props. Peace.