Sunday, March 20, 2011

alkuttraz - new & limited mix

even though the vinyl market is shrinking..there's not one single month without any of the dope unreleased limited edition records from the usual suspects such as one leg up, diggers with gratitude, chopped herring, vinyl addicts, six2six, ipower, no sleep, freestyle records, solid ground, dope folks etc. i grabbed a bunch of these from the last couple of years and did a mix for you guys. 56mins! i'm sure there will be a part 2.

the tracklist should be pretty easy! this mixtape is limited to 300 downloads...


1. tragedy - death row (og version)
2. amazing maze, lord tariq & wyldbuch - my story is yours
3. constant deviants - jewelia
4. i-power - ruff draft remix
5. nas & kool g rap - fast life (buckwild remix)
6. alps cru - loudmouths
7. herb mcgruff - i keep my palm on the handle (godfather don remix)
8. freestyle professors - hot damn
9. sons of sam - it's like that
10. sparrow feat. one speaker supreme- armageddon
11. constant deviants - problem child
12. shadez of brooklyn - now a dayz
13. o.c. - outsiders
14. pudgee - get down
15. stranj child - stranj fruit
16. poison ladd s.l.r - who's the man
17. the nonce - open up
18. chief - sometime ago



S4B said...

haha you're gonna delete the link after 300 downloads?

Marian said...

Amazing Maze, Lord Tariq, Wyldbuch - My Story Is Yours
Nas & Kool G Rap - Fast Life (remix)
Freestyle Proffessors - Hot Damn
Poison Ladd S.L.R - Who's The Man

Anonymous said...

Intelligent Hoodlum - Death Row

Anonymous said...

Sons of Sam - It's Like That

F.I.P. said...

Herb mc Gruff - I Keep My Palm On The Handle
Sparrow feat One Speaker Supreme - Armageddon
Constant Deviants - Problem Child

kayn said...

Thanks for puttin' this together
Hip Hop is still alive

I-Power - Ruff Draft Remix

Anonymous said...

I-Power - Ruff Draft Remix
Constant Deviants - Jewelia

F.I.P. said...

Constant Deviants - jewelia

F.I.P. said...

Pudgee - Get Down

-Maniatic's Sound- said...

good job, this really is a drug for the mind.
-Maniatic's Sound- colombia

Alkuttraz said...

thanks guys! the tracklist is nearly done. a few more to go.

and yeah...138 downloads left- so hurry up!

«Hip Hop is still alive» - exactly!


F.I.P. said...

Alps Cru - Loudmouths

kristhegreek said...

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Now A Dayz
O.C. - Outsiders

F.I.P. said...

Is there Finsta on 2nd verse of track 17 ?
Final track has to be a Dilla production or a Chief production ??

Anyway, thanks for the mix and big props to all those labels for pressing up crazy unreleased. That's a breath of fresh air everytime !


Alkuttraz said...

f.i.p., no finsta on 17- but yeah, 18 is our swiss dilla chief!

IRON MAN said...

track 2 is the best in my opinion.

verge said...

well, for once, I actually have more than half of the records on one of your mixes, Lol. Track 15, damn, I must have heard a snippet of it before or something but I can't figure what it is. I'm surprised I didn't cop whatever it is cause it's dope as hell. I'm guessing the track title is "strange fruit" but I can't place the artist right now.
Thanks for the nice mix!
And let me know if whatever track 15 is is sold out yet, heh.

juancamiloMO said...

real shit mixx max files dope thx...

Anonymous said...

@ verge:
Track 15: Stanj Child "Stranj Fruit" still available at dope folks' website.
Nice mix indeed, thanks!


ecks-bogota said...

crazy mix.
great selection, looking forward for part 2.

Alkuttraz said...

thanks guys! 1 left...

verge said...

Thanks j.welt! My dumb ass already has that Stranj Child record, I guess thats why it sounded familiar. Lol. Lookin forward to part 2!

charles darwin said...

Hi, just came across your site, thanks for all this great music. I can see you clearly love what you are doing. I hear a track by the nonce but I don't know the name of it..

Alkuttraz said...

thanks charles! you just solved the mystery.

now grab those records!


Anonymous said...

this mix is sick. smoothly mixed too. please keep em coming!


You don't call it crates of AG for nothing

Anonymous said...

I feel like it's the 90s and I'm listening to uncensored mixes on WTJU-FM again. This is awesome.

depletedsoul said...

Just found your site and i'm glad i did, your mixes are awesome dude.


domnyce said...

akutt is the troof