Sunday, October 13, 2013

ruck n' wiz - years too late remix ep (12")

another gemm i missed during the last few weeks: ruck n' wiz - years too late remix ep.

in case you missed it too- bienne based combo ruck n' wiz released an ep containing 6 very dope remixes.

1. Bee Why - The Boros
2. AK Skills - East Ta West
3. McGruff - Harlem Kids Get Biz
4. Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums
5. 1st Down - Front Street
6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Basement
7. Ruck N' Wiz - Outro

LIMITED TO 300 Copies! order your copies here:

my personal fav's are ten thieves - straight from the slums and 1st down - front street. 

congrats to ruck n' wiz for another swiss sureshot. keep 'em coming!



RYKS [Dah K-Myst] said...

Hi fam, lemme kno if you want do a little piece for Ryks Muzik on your blog, already droped Da Projekt in july (with a original joint from Ruck N wiz), now we will release the instrumental version + bonus (SWC & Tru Comers) and the SmooVth Dude EP (of Tha Connection) for mid december. keep me posted, thanks in advance. bigup to u guyz. peace

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