Thursday, October 12, 2006

grifter recordings presents...

...lo down! the ny based group dropped two 12inches in '94. the first one under the name grifter and the second one as lo down. both releases are essential for indy heads. fright night was even featured on the soundtrack of the movie kids. very slept on stuff here!



qnzgrimiest said...

thanks for posting this i heard fright nights but mask of the phantom is mad hot, its hard to choose which one is better, they're both dark and grimy, i love dark beats, i just wish they came out with an album, that wouldve been ill, keep up the good work,peace.


Yo man, sup?

well i've been looking everywhere for those two songs and i can't find either of them your rapidshare uploads were deleted

do you think you could do me a huge favor and send me the songs by email?

or re upload?

well hit me up at doitforlulz(at)

Anonymous said...

could you repost this or post the link maybe thankyou

Anonymous said...

hey could you repost this