Friday, October 27, 2006


little update on crates of ag...twelve inch by technical outta jersey from around '97 i think...check out stress with its jazzy touch...the flipside is nice as well.




hanDJob said...

finllay, someone to appreciate that recrod! it was indeed released 1997 but according to DJ Trouble they didn't want the date of issue to be on it so the djs would play it even in '98..

Anonymous said...

gotta love jersey!

nedd2 said...

yo sup,man you have a rip for the ep of big l,mr mvp?i'm nedd of the spot
Thanks in advance,peace

andy said...

nice one! never heard about it

Séki said...

This is dope! I really like both sides even if the Stress side sounds really dope as fuck! Remembers me some Beatminerz productions... Thanks for the post! Peace from Lôz

Jaz said...

Hey Al,

I would really appreciate it if you could send me a full rip of this 12" to