Thursday, October 19, 2006

sound plus rhythm

today we got two dope 12inches on the sound plus rhythm label outta ny. fx-felix cruz dropped his in '96 while reggie capers followed with a '97 release. check out "stuck" and "suspect" which are the best tracks on the records!



nappi said...

word... the reggie is dope.. still waiting to check the fx i hate rapidshare..

nappi said...

damn fx-stuck is ill as fuck! nice one

Anonymous said...

1 Word: DOPE!

Thanks and Props!


Anonymous said...

please re-up!

Crates of AG said...

links still work man

Dabrovska said...

Yo Alkut,

I found last week a second release of Reggie Capers who called "Do Like It Thai / "She Can't Love You" on ASGM Records !
(At the bottom of page)