Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[instrumentals] jazzscapez / usa

this has to be the sadest beatmaker post on my site yet.

about 1.5 months ago i became aware of a very talented beatmaker and emcee from fitchburg massachusetts. 21 years young and steadily putting out dope beats. his concept was one beat tape each month. i contacted him in february and we were ready to put out a post on crates of ag. he just finished creating his website mid march, when things took a turn to the worst– he passed away. i don't have all the specifics- but apparently he got shot by cops in his own house.

i don't wanna act as if i knew him all my life, but still- i was shocked. in my opinion he was extremly talented and would have lightened up the rap scene in his own ways. not to mention what great collaborations with other beatmakers and mc's would have been possible.

«As long as it has to do with spreading around true hip hop im all for it. Ive been at this shit for six years. Constantly elevating.»

i asked him about the mc on some of his beats.

«Yea thats me rapping. I spit too. Trying to get an album together but im a perfectionist so i always feel like i can do better haha.»

speaking of collaborations. before the tragedy happened, he hooked up with beatmaker kickback and self the bluest eye, another emcee from edmonton. kickback just sent me three tracks of them all together.

so, after all i want to take the chance to spread his works for all of you, who have not heard him yet. i offer a selection of his 3 beat tapes here, 1 remix, 3 vocal tracks by him and the 3 tracks with self the bluest eye. everything else you'll find on his page: or on his youtube-channel. what a potential...


r.i.p. jazzscapez

jazzscapez - selections [teaser]



Anonymous said...
please check this out! peace out.

Anonymous said...

dope beats, dope raps...a dope tribute, Al. a very sad tragedy indeed... rest in peace. Tobi / dj skeletor

Anonymous said...

p.s. please check this too. please pick up on your blog! ww
i love 90s hiphop!

thank you man! peace out!

Anonymous said...

what a tragedy. sad to hear aboutthis... he was had great talent for being only 21. these beats will live on forever in my rotation, word up. great tribute akutt.

CrimeFamily said...

this dude was great, dope beats, rest in peace brother,

waxcat said...

yeah dude got serious dope beats! damn ..fucked up he walk the planet no mo. would like to hear more stuff from this

Anonymous said...

thankz, dope beats, "secret societys" & "self meets jazz" are fckin ill...

hokidoki2 said...

he was a real talent

thanks for these sounds

keep the good work aless ;)

juancamiloMO said...

good thx sound